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Friday, March 2, 2012

Keep Troy Strong Poll - How will Janice cheat this time???

How will Janice and her minions CHEAT to try to scuttle her recall?
Give your best answers as comments below and then we'll have a vote.


  1. Whatever she and her minions can do and get away with.

  2. They will revamp their facebook page with a big Stars and Stripes, delegate their fans comments (many of ther fans posts are eccentric and would bespeak badly to their cause) to a not readily viewable area, and instead put their carefully groomed and parsed, and presented-as-facts pronouncments at the forefront. Ooops, they already did that!

    We will be seeing a lot more of Janice and her Marine son pics. This will capitalize on those of us who have or had loved ones serving in the armed forces, and also the collective guilt of those that don't.

    We will be seeing more pictures of Janice with notable local politicians. More whitewash of Janice as a innocuous centrist.

  3. First will be to invalidate the petitions by pretending to be for the recall but signing phony and multiple times.

    1. Sounds like their modus operandi. Anyone who would blatantly try to rig a newspaper poll and then have the audacity to publicly complain when it still didn't go their way, I could see thinking about messing with the petitions. Except that is illegal, and would involve jail far are these people willing to go?

  4. They will put 3 identical proposals on the ballot asking voters with their end question being "Should Janice Daniels continue as Mayor of Troy for the duration of her term?" This way a vote yes is to keep her rather than ditch her. Yes, I think that 3 proposals asking for a NO vote to ditch her and 1 proposal asking for a yes vote to ditch her would be sufficient to confuse the voters enough to suit their purposes. Then, they can blame TRUST for confusing the voters and wasting time and money. I can almost see their typo ridden literature in my imagination!