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Friday, March 2, 2012

Janice's friends cheat to fake poll results

This morning there was a poll on our local Troy.Patch asking Troy citizens if they would like to recall our mayor, Janice Daniels, who has been criticized by everyone from our county executive to the governor and journalists on her side of the aisle. 
Because it was clearly going against her, her pal over at FedUpUSA wrote a blog post instructing people anywhere reading that post, that they should go to our local site and vote in the poll.
Look at the bottom where they even have to spell it out --"indicating of course, NO," apparently to make sure that all of the people racing off to vote in a little poll knew exactly HOW to vote, even though they had no idea what the poll was about.

And then the owner of FedUpUSA, who lives in Troy and is a buddy of Daniels', goes to Troy Citizens United FB page, pastes the article that she wrote on her blog on FB and another FB member of that page claims this is the evidence that Troy is with the mayor.

This is how it works in Troy. Troy Citizens United and their spokesperson Janice Daniels just can't help themselves! They must cheat so they can believe they have any value at all.
We have to get rid of Janice Daniels' machine of manipulative cheaters and fakers.
Makes me wonder -- Is LionMan LionKing actually Janice Daniels?????


  1. Janice's friends can vote NO in the Troy Patch poll as often as they want. That poll means nothing. The only poll that matters is the one in November when the residents of Troy vote Mayor Daniels out of office.

  2. This just goes to show how desperate Janice and her supporters are. They know that the MAJORITY of TROY residents DO NOT support the mayor, so they have to enlist the help of outsiders, like readers of FedUpUSA, to hijack a local poll to make it look like Janice is Miss Popularity. This is nothing new for Janice. She also sought out and accepted donations last year from out-of-state contributors to fund her campaign of lies.

    Troy residents have news for you, Janice & Friends: Good WILL triumph over evil and you WILL be voted out of office in November.

  3. It says right there, "This is not a scientific poll."

    Oh, never mind. Right-wingers are typically anti-science, so the words "This is not a scientific poll" is probably viewed as a good thing!

  4. Ok. This does not directly relate to Mayor Daniels, however, if she believes we should not be using money defacated from an unicorn, then why would she so embrace the concept of the United States having a permanent, perpetual military footprint on Okinawa? Her next of kin is a beneficiary of this concept as the photo shows. I could not help but say this even though I am fully aware of why we have a footprint there. That unicorn has a lot of excrement and needs to fling it far away so it can be out of sight. Photo ops! You have got to love them!

  5. One of the most shocking things about this is finding out that the "fedupusa" page originates with a TROY based entity. Had no idea that Troy had become the base for far-right crackpot extemists who write for a national audience. I have to hope that their number are not too large; funny, keep coming across the same last names in the media and in the concil meeting public commentators (Howrylak, Savage, etc.).

    And pul-leeze, showing JD with her Marine son, I have relatives serving in Afghanistan (as do others), we don't go around advertising it in such an obvious self-serving way.

    Also, suggesting that anyone who critically observes JD's rude and dismissive treatment of city staff and fellow council members and comments about it "must work for the city"...No, sorry, that is not the case, anyone can see it from watching city council proceedings and reading her position paper.

    TCU tactics say so much about them, and it isn't good.