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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Janice Daniels -- Powerless figurehead or savior of our town?

Sometimes the comments are just as good (and better!) than our posts.
One reaction to the post: "Fake, fake, fake"

Bob Gosselin, Oakland County Commissioner, helped file these frivolous petitions? 
He should be censured/hand-slapped at the very least by someone in the Oakland County power structure. 
Yes, the TCU propaganda machine is full up, and my first mailer today lauding Janice Daniels's "accomplishments", looks like she's taking credit for the open checkbook and 24-hr snow removal. Funny, she calls herself a figurehead mayor when convenient (as in getting out of a tough question posed by Charlie Langton) but is not adverse to taking the credit that is due our city management.

1 comment:

  1. That's hi-larious. What did we have, one snowfall worth plowing this year?

    These clueless TCU liars are running scared. The proof are these clumsy attempts at a pre-emptive strike.

    Gotta love it.