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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fair Representation

To continue the discussion being had below regarding Councilman Henderson's opinions on municipal training, we add his most recent response. This was published on Facebook on his official Councilman Group Page -- a group to which you must apply and for which he approves membership (guess who wasn't approved?, really! Guess!!)

Here is what he said:

I'm getting slapped around pretty good elsewhere in the blogosphere over this post. Just to be clear (and I know you all know this)... I am not opposed to education, I am opposed to educators with agendas that are thinly veiled, and targeted at deceiving you and I, the taxpayer. Had this class been titled " How municipalities can do more with less", I'd have been all over it.

So the course offering of a municipal group that shares information to municipal leaders on how to pass municipal millages for which those leaders have deemed a need is a PLOY. It's an EVIL MACHINATION against humanity, and it offers up tactics to TRICK the unsuspecting residents who apparently cannot think for themselves in dire situations.

You know...situations in which their property tax revenue isn't covering their cities with millages and revenue too low to cover those services...which sounds a lot like...HEY...LIKE TROY. Shocking!

Councilman Henderson is against THAT, but apparently not all forms of education. We wanted that to be made clear.

And for that we can be thankful.


  1. I just don't see ANYTHING wrong with a course which teaches public officials how to communicate honestly the need to voters of a millage increase. We've all seen on millages for cities very necessary and prosaic items like "sewer repair". Wouldn't Dave (after his due diligence of examining the budget and confirming the need) want to be equipped with the skills of communicating this? I think he should get over his distaste of the description of the class and admit to himself (he'll never admit publicly due to his anti-tax base but what funds even minimal gov't, anyways?) that there could be a day when he would find it useful.

  2. Again... the course on "how to do more with less" isn't even an option from the MML. That is typical government. The answer to all our problems??? More taxes. I simply disagree. A tax hike is easily sold when a simple question can be answered with the response "we don't have irrefutable proof one is needed". If you recall, the people shot down 1.9 mils and approved the latest millage for the library. After the 1.9 mils was shot down, the right sizing began. That is compromise, and cooperation even if the people had to force it.


    1. I just visited and typed in Doing More with Less in the search box. Eight pages of MML resources and training came up in response to the prompt.

      Ignorance is not bliss.

      Disappointing that elected officials like Dave just make stuff up.

    2. I did shoot from the hip on that one, Thanks for pointing me in that direction. What I should have stated and would have been more accurate... the training being promoted to civic leaders is the course on how to sell a tax hike, not how to do more with less. I never received the email inviting me to the how to do more with less class.


    3. Dave Henderson "shoots from the hip" on just about everything. That's the problem.

    4. Dude: How many toes do you have left?
      This is a perfect example of the problem.

  3. The right-sizing began before the 1.9. It was projected within the three-year budget document. The millage was planned as a two-step process of cutting and raising millage. Did the city approach it as well as they could and educate the voters as much as they should have as to WHY that millage was necessary?

    No. I've been vocal about that in the past. I sent a scathing e-mail to council around the time of the 2/2010 millage vote saying as much. I didn't appreciate the so-called "scare tactics" they used.

    Because at the time? I didn't understand that it was TRUE. Then I did my homework.

    You also have to include the fact that the TCU and their anti-tax supporters created a rhetoric of mistrust that helped torpedo that tax increase. They mailed out documents with proven LIES and MISINFORMATION. You spoke repeatedly in support of those lies and helped that misinformation campaign. As late as last summer, you were still asking why the city couldn't use the $9million transit grant for the library.

    Your understanding of city finances was sorely lacking before you took office; I find it difficult to believe that you are up to speed already.