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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daniels on Szerlag

Two of Janice Daniels comments on John Szelrag within three months:
"I have no confidence in his abilities."
“I’ve enjoyed working with him.”
Is she simply saying whatever is politically convenient or is she gleeful to have the opportunity to replace him with one of her political cronies?


  1. This demonstrates exactly my misgivings about Janice Daniels. If she meant sincerely what she said then she enjoys working with people who she has no confidence in, or perhaps within three months, Mr. Szerlag has suddenly gained ability?

    The bizarre and inept Janice personality has been the most winning argument in getting petitions signed. People want the chance to vote her out of office if necessary. Yes, we cannot truly know what is in Janice's heart or mind, but we do the only thing we can which is intellectually and impartially (with no nod to political ideology) judge by words and behavior.

    Here are the comments I have gotten from a couple people initially resistant to signing: "not a team player, I see" and "well she can't go around p'oing city employees". Both these comments are from reason 3) on the petition.

    It is telling that Mr. Szerlag says that a big draw for him for Cape Coral is its culture of "professionalism". That has sorely been lacking in Janice Daniel's conduct. To see fellow councilmembers and the city attorney explaining to Ms. Daniels why it would be prudent and practical to have her mayoral mail opened was like seeing a 5-year old placated and soothed. I am suspecting based on the mail brouhaha and her insistence on her tape recording conversations during her office hours that Ms. Daniels has a streak of paranoia. If so, I feel sorry for her and anybody who has to work with her around this debilitating condition. She needs help and should not be in this very public and multi-interpersonal position where opportunities for paranoic formulations abound. Even her over-the-top reaction (website, donation solicitation, mass mailings, staged photo-ops) to the recall effort smacks of paranoia; if she were secure in herself, she'd let her current and planned perfomance before November speak for itself.

    Interestingly, I think the Janice Daniels experience is having its effect on reframing local Tea Pary campaign strategy, no longer is the outsider angle quite so "refreshing" as Daniels once put it. Deb Debacker's pamphlet for example emphasizes that she is an "ELECTED Republican leader, 18 years precinct delegate" (her caps not mine). Good, the emphasis should rightly be on experience, and proof that some group of people found you mentally sound and having interpersonal skills. Sad, how low my expectations have become for candidates!

  2. I believe many people are seeing the real Tea Party in Troy and do not like what they see. I really believe the Tea Party is a faze that will disappear one day or at least have no credibility with the voting population. The games they have played are lowering their status as a real political party.