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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Credit cards for Janice!

Look at our dignified mayor begging for money.
DId she really have to put her photo along side the credit card symbols?
Could she be any tackier?


  1. Not sure of the charges it costs them to offer credit card options to donate. Could we not donate $0.01 so it actually costs them money? Just a thought

  2. If she isn't doing this for political convenience, then she is surely schizophrenic. No joking.

  3. Concerned CitizenMarch 27, 2012 at 9:23 PM

    Very interesting. She says in this pitch for money, that she wants to address "fiscal transparency and integrity in budgeting." So, are we to infer that she is not interested in transparency and integrity of the mayors office on ALL issues as they relate to ALL citizens, not just the ones that voted for her. Her lack of transparency is clear with her objection to requests for FOIA'd material, her "bouncers" at her office hours (armed with video cameras) and the list goes on. How about the lack of integrity when she refused to swear an oath to Troy's city charter, her shoving her bigoted buddy Wisz on our city, her awful behavior regarding her gay slur and of course her reprehensible behavior at the council table specifically her dressing down of John Szerlag and her screed. She has no idea what integrity is and as for transparency, she is about as transparent as they come. People are now starting to see right through her narrow ideology that is harmful to our city.