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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Comments you don't want to miss

Responses to Linda's post from yesterday:

For her own self-interest, Janice Daniels should resign, preferable, one would think, to the ignominious recall way. Plus she can legally take her proceeds from her anti-recall begging website and use it to run for something else, preferably far away from Troy. Or alternatively, turn it over to TCU, to be used foy Deb Debacker's run for State Representative. Sometimes the best thing is to pick up your marbles and take your game someplace else.

2. A typically nonsensical response:
All politicians should resign....have you ever know an honest one?? Troy's previous mayor was slowly bringing Troy down. By the time she left Troy was broke...what did she do with all the money, why did she allow it to happen? As long as she got her big salary, who cares right? The city is privatized because of her and that is ok? The school district is privatized! How embarrassing is that????????? What ever happened to the phrase "Live And Learn In Troy"????? That went by the wayside with the last mayor because the city was going broke and ya can't be two faced now can ya? What, tell people to come live in a city that is broke and a district that is broke???? You should be embarrassed of what that last mayor left behind while she enjoys her high paying retirement!

3. A blistering response to #2 above:
Come on.. stop lying. Surely you know the mayor and council get no salary or pension. A mere $175 stipend for meeting expenses. PLEASE enough with this crazy crap. Educate yourself before you type or open your mouth. Did you hear about the near economic collapse in 2008? The reason everyone lost their jobs, homes and subsequently the revenue for cities? Privatization "SAVES" money (or so they say), you and yours should be happy about that. It means smaller guberment. In fact, I am sure I heard the current mayor advocate for a smaller city government in her many speeches filled with misinformation about city staff salaries and benefits. Now she is one of them getting her big salary and perks and pleasures!! Right? Cut the crazy.

4. More FACTS:
I checked, the last Mayor receives absolutely NO retirement benefit from Troy. The city was not in financial distress due to her actions; again, I checked, the last Mayor and Council oversaw the downsizing of services to fit the revenue received. If you don't believe me check the budget documents. The current Mayor and her gang opposed any move to increase revenue through an increased milage. They misled citizens into thinking an increased milage, which had a time limit on it, would increase their taxes. In fact, actual taxes paid would have decreased in spite of the small milage increase. In response, the last Mayor and Council met their obligation and reduced costs via service reductions and privatization.
Check the Council minutes, video and media reports. You'll find that the current Mayor condemned Mr. Szerlag when he first made us aware of our impending financial problem. They said he was an alarmist, asked why other communities weren't having the problem and indicated he must be a poor manager plotting to get our tax dollars. When his forecast became reality he was a poor manager, must have been overspending, it's all these overpaid public employees and we need to downsize, privatize and eliminate to stay within our means. Mr.
Szerlag, the mayor and Council did all the painful hard work. Those overpaid employees, to a man and
woman, voluntarily took concessions, we suffered a reduction in our services and now many of our city functions are provided by private contractors. The result? Balanced budget and small surplus; the current Mayor and entourage's response? See, we told you so, you didn't need a library milage, we had the money, Mr. Szerlag lied.
What keeps us from coming forward and stopping thus madness? Perhaps it's the fear of what the Mayor, Mr.
Clark, Ms. DeBacker and Mr. Gosselin will do to discredit the honest and truthful. Demonizing and ruining ones reputation isn't something they are opposed to. The record is full of such examples.
Please check my facts. If you are a supporter of the current Mayor, by all means, correct me where I've erred.

5. Another scorched earth response
In my opinion, Janice Daniels is both a pathological liar and a narcissist, completely unable to separate truth from fiction if it doesn't serve her own personal narrative and view of herself. She doesn't believe she has done anything wrong (ever), that she is 100% right and her view is the only thing that matters. She could never admit that the TCU group she is so closely affiliated with lied time and time again to fellow Troy citizens over the last 10 years in order to further their own goals and agendas. She can never see that her actions are causing great distress to our community, because after all, she was elected, and that must mean she is right. Worse still, she is surrounded by people exactly like her (Bob Gosselin, Deb DeBacker, Glenn Clark, Martin Howrylak) who are convinced that they too are right and the rest of us are wrong, no need to tell the truth to us, is there? What do we know--we don't agree, so we are in the way.
Janice repeatedly says she loves being mayor. Besides showing up at partisan political rallies, for office hours (screened by bully Bob Gosselin) and going to council meetings, what else has she done? Someone close to her needs to tell her the position of mayor doesn't include "destroying your town" in its job description.


  1. Sharon, it doesn't make much sense for you to criticize DeBacker, Howrylak, et al. for thinking of themselves as right and the rest as wrong when you're doing the very same thing.

    Regarding your #4, above: FACTS: None of them demonstrate in the least that Daniels is endangering the overall health of the city in her capacity as mayor.

    As I stated in previous responses to you and yours: You have not, nor do I believe you are able to, produced any concrete evidence regarding the past three months that indicate Daniels is harming the city in her present capacity. She has got you and yours in high dudgeon, but that is irrelevant.

    Once more, ma'am, give us some pertinent facts. Dispeptic reaction to an electoral defeat you did not see coming is insufficient.

  2. Hi Ed,
    We understand each other. When people lie, as long as it supports your conservatism, it's cool with you.
    It's not cool with me when anyone lies.
    So we are at an impasse.
    The things we have all written to you make Janice Daniels Troy's worst mayor -- already!
    People signing the petition have told me that they voted for her, but now think she is too incompetent, divisive or loony to continue to lead.
    That's it. You disagree with them. You disagree with me.
    Thank you for your input.