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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another good comment

On Fake, fake, fake

More ugliness they try to justify. 
Hopefully, it will only further to marginalize their group and cause. 
People are getting sick of this. Anti-city charter, anti-city services, anti-city employees, anti-minorities, anti-public transportation, anti-progress, anti-democratic process, anti-"community organizers" and so on. 
They can't accomplish their goals on their merit, so they resort to this continued obfuscation and lies. 
I hope the court slaps them with a big fine and court costs. Look at the Oakland County Election finance records to see all the money they are personally spending. The same folks. I say, keep making them write personal checks. 
We could have a 7 day library, great roads, pro-active police dept. on the money they have thrown at this political agenda of theirs. What a terrible, horrible mess they are causing in Troy. Their hubris will be their undoing. It usually is.
-Concerned Citizen

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