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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Press: Election officials reject joke recall petitions for Troy mayor

Too bad no one rejected the joke fake library proposals TCU put on Troy's ballot to doom our library back in 2010. If they had, I never would have had to start this blog.

Election officials reject joke recall petitions for Troy mayor
By Megha Satyanarayana
Detroit Free Press Staff Writer
Oakland County election officials rejected a series of recall petitions today against Troy Mayor Janice Daniels filed as a joke by her own supporters.
The 10 petitions, cited for unclear language, included claims that the embattled mayor should be recalled for wearing red in front of a camera crew and smiling all the time. They also included supportive statements about keeping the city’s library open and having perfect attendance as mayor.
Daniels, who has been in office for only four months, has received backlash for anti-gay statements she made before and after becoming an elected official, and for voting against federal funding to build a transit center in the city.
A pared-down plan was later approved. An earnest effort to recall the former real estate agent began earlier this month, with petitioners starting the process of gathering a goal of 10,000 signatures by mid-June. Those trying to recall Daniels have said the joke petitions were an effort to confuse voters.
Read more here.
Help recall Janice Daniels here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Response to Ed

Hi Ed. Glad you read.
Here are my responses to your reaction to "Reason # 3 to Recall Janice." Your comments are indented.
Sharon, you are raising some points that have piqued my own interest. and I'm willing to look more deeply into the Daniels issue. However, I think you will do everyone a better service simply by reporting cooly and straightforwardly any accusations you have of her wrongdoing and then backing them up with the facts that justify the charges.
True. As Faber Grad said, a lot of us have been suffering for a long time over this situation and the fact that our city manager is leaving and may be replaced by someone like Howrylak (who has never held a full-time job and lived in his parents basement until recently) or Gosselin (look that guy up for a frightening experience), I was very angry.
However,I disagree that I don't back up what I say with facts. Please read a smattering of my posts to see that although people may not like the facts I use to prove these people dis-inform the voters of Troy, you certainly can't claim I'm not telling the truth. Read a few of the first from October of 2010 when I go through the TCU misinformation campaign point by point.
Concerning the above:
"I met one of my new anti-TCU friends and sat next to her in a meeting two years ago when someone proclaimed no one had been laid off in the city.
My friend, sitting right beside me, had."
This does not relate to Daniels directly, so why is it in your KTS post?
If you take a look at my two years of posts, you will see that this is not an anti-Janice blog. This is an anti-disinformation blog. It is likely that the person who said (as was their refrain, back then) that the "city manager and the council are acting as if things are just 'business as usual,'" even thought Szerlag had laid off over 100 workers, most workers had more work to do and had taken pay cuts, and they had cut the budget like crazy. Janice Daniels was one of the leaders in the ongoing dis-information campaign about the reasons for the budget shortage (the recession!), Mr. Szerlag's income (not more than the governor), lay-offs of city staff, etc. That people often repeated what she said, even though it wasn't true, is easy to prove. That's why talking about the untruths said at the city council mike is always related to Janice Daniels.
You can have my attention, but it must be with relevant facts. The large-caps rant at the end of your post is an absolute turn-off, bad as the stuff you claim the pro-Daniels side is running.
Feel free to judge what I write as you like, but it is NOT as bad as what they say. They lied about facts, I wrote begging Troy voters to investigate what the truth is before they vote for anyone. Emotional? Yes. Untrue? No. What they do is worse. Simple.
The last posting beside this space for posting a comment, allegedly from the Oakland Press, does not make grammatical sense as written.
So this is the quote you are referring to, I guess? Janice Daniels wrote the part in quotes, so blame her for what doesn't make sense: "Whenever a ticket is purchased through any of the major airlines, each passenger already provides enough information about themselves to allow a thorough vetting of our travel history, our criminal background, our residency and our tendency to subversion." - Janice Daniels' suggested method of profiling of airline passengers - a background check on everyone, instead of a harmless body scan -- from The Oakland Press
If you don't believe that it is from the Oakland Press and that Janice wrote it, go here:

I couldn't understand why she would rather have the government investigate her for what I do and read and think than for what is on her person. So they see a cartoon outline of my body? Who cares!

I just told you that you got my attention. Do you want to keep it?
Ed Lambert
I would love to get your attention... and hold it... and maybe even change your opinion.
You know, I may sound crazy now, but that is because I have been watching these people at this for three years now.

How did it begin? Now that's my refrain--
When I was on a city committee, a TCU mailer came out saying that my committee supported a NO vote on the 2010 millage. Truth was, only one person supported that no vote--a TCU/Howrylak fan. The other 10 of us supported a YES vote.* When I confronted the man after the vote (at a city council meeting) and asked why he did that, he first denied it. Then I said, "You know, you made it sound like we all supported a NO vote and that was a lie. Then you sent the mailer out on the Friday before the Tuesday election, so we couldn't let people know it wasn't true!"
He then smiled at me and said, "That's the way the game is played."
That was the beginning of my involvement in Troy politics.
I then worked hard to try to save the library and our biggest, most vocal opponent was Janice Daniels. Initially she argued that the library just wasn't important. Then when she learned that wasn't a winning argument, apparently, she said she cared but the money was "elsewhere." If it hadn't been for Janice Daniels, TCU's fake library proposals and Martin Howrylak's astonishingly misleading letter to voters, again just days before the election, we would today have a 7-day-per-week library for the next 10 years. What do we have today? An underfunded, 6-day-a-week library that we have to save again in 4 years.
Why am I so mad? If you don't know now, I can't sway you.

Note regarding the commission situation...
*The members of the commission didn't know until after the election how we all felt about that millage, because we had never discussed it in the commission meetings, as it would have been inappropriate to politicize the group. We learned that everyone but the TCU fellow supported the millage. And then, we censured him.for his behavior. It's all on record.

Salon: Janice Daniels lame apology 'as bad as Geraldo Rivera"

Geraldo’s hilarious non-apology
The pundit says he's sorry -- even though "one prominent black conservative" thinks he's right
Ah, the non-apology apology. It’s a classic. But leave it to Geraldo Rivera to take it to a whole new level.

In a gesture of appeasement after the outcry over his stunning assertion last week that “Trayvon Martin’s hoodie killed him as surely as George Zimmerman did,” the mustachioed Fox pundit sent an email to Politico in which he offered a “sincere and heartfelt apology” for his words. On his radio show, he added that his “own family and friends believe I have obscured or diverted attention from the principal fact, which is that an unarmed 17-year-old was shot dead by a man who was never seriously investigated by local police.” And then he went and threw in, “And if that is true, I apologize.” If it’s not, suck on it, I guess.
And then there was Michigan mayor Janice Daniels, who after declaring she was tossing her “I love NY” tote bag “now that queers can get married there,” said that she was sorry but it “was meant to be a joke, silly, a funny thing.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Credit cards for Janice!

Look at our dignified mayor begging for money.
DId she really have to put her photo along side the credit card symbols?
Could she be any tackier?

Daniels on Szerlag

Two of Janice Daniels comments on John Szelrag within three months:
"I have no confidence in his abilities."
“I’ve enjoyed working with him.”
Is she simply saying whatever is politically convenient or is she gleeful to have the opportunity to replace him with one of her political cronies?

Comments you don't want to miss

Responses to Linda's post from yesterday:

For her own self-interest, Janice Daniels should resign, preferable, one would think, to the ignominious recall way. Plus she can legally take her proceeds from her anti-recall begging website and use it to run for something else, preferably far away from Troy. Or alternatively, turn it over to TCU, to be used foy Deb Debacker's run for State Representative. Sometimes the best thing is to pick up your marbles and take your game someplace else.

2. A typically nonsensical response:
All politicians should resign....have you ever know an honest one?? Troy's previous mayor was slowly bringing Troy down. By the time she left Troy was broke...what did she do with all the money, why did she allow it to happen? As long as she got her big salary, who cares right? The city is privatized because of her and that is ok? The school district is privatized! How embarrassing is that????????? What ever happened to the phrase "Live And Learn In Troy"????? That went by the wayside with the last mayor because the city was going broke and ya can't be two faced now can ya? What, tell people to come live in a city that is broke and a district that is broke???? You should be embarrassed of what that last mayor left behind while she enjoys her high paying retirement!

3. A blistering response to #2 above:
Come on.. stop lying. Surely you know the mayor and council get no salary or pension. A mere $175 stipend for meeting expenses. PLEASE enough with this crazy crap. Educate yourself before you type or open your mouth. Did you hear about the near economic collapse in 2008? The reason everyone lost their jobs, homes and subsequently the revenue for cities? Privatization "SAVES" money (or so they say), you and yours should be happy about that. It means smaller guberment. In fact, I am sure I heard the current mayor advocate for a smaller city government in her many speeches filled with misinformation about city staff salaries and benefits. Now she is one of them getting her big salary and perks and pleasures!! Right? Cut the crazy.

4. More FACTS:
I checked, the last Mayor receives absolutely NO retirement benefit from Troy. The city was not in financial distress due to her actions; again, I checked, the last Mayor and Council oversaw the downsizing of services to fit the revenue received. If you don't believe me check the budget documents. The current Mayor and her gang opposed any move to increase revenue through an increased milage. They misled citizens into thinking an increased milage, which had a time limit on it, would increase their taxes. In fact, actual taxes paid would have decreased in spite of the small milage increase. In response, the last Mayor and Council met their obligation and reduced costs via service reductions and privatization.
Check the Council minutes, video and media reports. You'll find that the current Mayor condemned Mr. Szerlag when he first made us aware of our impending financial problem. They said he was an alarmist, asked why other communities weren't having the problem and indicated he must be a poor manager plotting to get our tax dollars. When his forecast became reality he was a poor manager, must have been overspending, it's all these overpaid public employees and we need to downsize, privatize and eliminate to stay within our means. Mr.
Szerlag, the mayor and Council did all the painful hard work. Those overpaid employees, to a man and
woman, voluntarily took concessions, we suffered a reduction in our services and now many of our city functions are provided by private contractors. The result? Balanced budget and small surplus; the current Mayor and entourage's response? See, we told you so, you didn't need a library milage, we had the money, Mr. Szerlag lied.
What keeps us from coming forward and stopping thus madness? Perhaps it's the fear of what the Mayor, Mr.
Clark, Ms. DeBacker and Mr. Gosselin will do to discredit the honest and truthful. Demonizing and ruining ones reputation isn't something they are opposed to. The record is full of such examples.
Please check my facts. If you are a supporter of the current Mayor, by all means, correct me where I've erred.

5. Another scorched earth response
In my opinion, Janice Daniels is both a pathological liar and a narcissist, completely unable to separate truth from fiction if it doesn't serve her own personal narrative and view of herself. She doesn't believe she has done anything wrong (ever), that she is 100% right and her view is the only thing that matters. She could never admit that the TCU group she is so closely affiliated with lied time and time again to fellow Troy citizens over the last 10 years in order to further their own goals and agendas. She can never see that her actions are causing great distress to our community, because after all, she was elected, and that must mean she is right. Worse still, she is surrounded by people exactly like her (Bob Gosselin, Deb DeBacker, Glenn Clark, Martin Howrylak) who are convinced that they too are right and the rest of us are wrong, no need to tell the truth to us, is there? What do we know--we don't agree, so we are in the way.
Janice repeatedly says she loves being mayor. Besides showing up at partisan political rallies, for office hours (screened by bully Bob Gosselin) and going to council meetings, what else has she done? Someone close to her needs to tell her the position of mayor doesn't include "destroying your town" in its job description.

Reason to Recall Janice # 3 - Troy's Brain Drain

In 2009, John Szerlag told the people of Troy that we were in trouble because of plummeting property values and tax revenues.
Go back and look at videos from late 2009. The Right Guard of Troy -- the extreme conservatives like Janice Daniels, John and Jack Witt, Bob Gosselin and Glenn Clark and their blind followers step up to the city council microphone and call Szerlag a liar. They were wrong. Szerlag was right.
And so it went.
Watch the Troy City Council video archives. You will see all of the same fools who stand up today, twisting facts, or ignoring facts all together, speaking nonsense over and over and over.
The archives are here:
Most of us who have been trying to stop these people from destroying Troy were nowhere to be seen in 2009.
But one by one, we noticed what was happening. We noticed that people were lying to get what they wanted. What did they want? Low taxes, low taxes, and low taxes. Did they care who in the city lost their jobs? No. Dozens did. Did they care that staff took pay cuts, voluntarily? No. They lied about that.
I met when of my new anti-TCU friends and sat next to her in a meeting two years ago when someone proclaimed no one had been laid off in the city.
My friend, sitting right beside me had.
When are the people of Troy going to finally understand that Janice Daniels and Co. are destroying Troy?
When are they going to notice that our city clerk has left, our wonderful assistant city manager and now Mr. Szerlag seems poised to leave as well?
These are the people who held Troy together! 
Through the lies, the attacks, the endless city council meetings where TCU minions repeated falsehoods they learned at the knees of the likes of Bob Gosselin and Glenn Clark.
Stop voting blindly!
Stop taking the word of proven dis-informers, like Janice Daniels and her minions!
Stop forgiving bigotry that sends people away from our borders!
Stop electing the brainless ideologues that are causing the brain drain!
Stand up for truth!
Stand up for Troy!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our mayor the Illusionist?

from Linda

Janice Daniels previously mentioned that her bigoted remark was a “joke” and it was just “one word.” Well, even the citizens of Troy that did vote for her were not electing a comedian. They may have, however, elected an “illusionist” based on the apparent “smoke and mirrors” being used on her various forms of communication.
She mentioned in a letter to residents what has been accomplished in the last few months. May I remind her that much of that was in process before she was elected.
One item in her letter is the fact that the library is now open on Saturday. She fails to mention that Saturday is more costly to stay open. She gives the “illusion” of it being no cost to the taxpayer, she is a “hero” for it being open on Saturday and has seemingly fulfilled her campaign promise to have the library open seven days. No matter how you look at the library schedule, it is still open only six days and at a higher cost! “Smoke and Mirrors” can’t even change that.
She also inferred on her Facebook page that L. Brooks Patterson was to be in attendance at the South Oakland Mayors dinner, when, in fact, he was not planning to. He had, however, recommended Matt Glib to speak. When I posted a comment about this, it was quickly removed. Since then, her post has also been revised.
Now, let’s look at the “Timeline” on her website. To someone who takes a cursory look, it seems she has been very busy as Mayor. But, let’s take a look as some of these “events.” Many entries were partisan events and fundraisers. While she is free to attend any events, it seems disingenuous to list these as if it was part of being the Mayor. This is just another “illusionary” tactic.
I did not vote for her, but hoped that her performance would be adequate. It has not. As we have witnessed since her election, there have been many incidents which she has created on her own to cause damage to the once stellar reputation of Troy. Now that she is in danger of a recall she is in the process of doing major damage control. However, from what I have seen, she hasn’t learned anything. Janice and her supporters continue to play games with the citizens of Troy to give them the “illusion” that she is a dedicated and concerned Mayor. While others seem to pull her strings, she continues to relish in this madness.
Being Mayor is an honor which should be treated as such. This is something she has failed to do. It is also a position with many responsibilities. I shutter to think how she would handle a situation such as a natural disaster. I want a Mayor who has the City of Troy as their priority, not their ideological beliefs. While I agree that she should be applauded for her passion for these beliefs, Troy needs someone who can put the needs of the city first and foremost.
This brings us to the recall petition. Let me state for the record that it is not because she won. As I mentioned, I hoped she would do an adequate job. She hasn’t. Thus the recall. It is, unfortunately, because of what she has done and the damage she has reeked on this city, it’s citizens and it’s reputation. She continues to try to disillusion the citizens even now as she attempts to do damage control by sending mailings to selected citizens and misleading the citizens on her various social media sites.
Before she and her supporters complain that I am the “bully,” remember it was she who originally brought the spotlight on our city and it was her actions that kept it here. Her actions and “bullying” tactics were the cause. I want to quote someone she recently supported (in fact, alleging that the city of Troy supported him) “when the bullies get attacked, they start to whine” Sen. Santorum said this. I suggest there be no whining and we let the voters of Troy decide without the chicanery and illusionist tactics. She mentions “ridiculous” as far as the recall petition, what is ridiculous is the bogus petitions that were filed by her supporter, while being accompanied by an Oakland County Commissioner who is supposedly fiscally responsible.
Before she starts accusing the city and others about mismanaging funds, I suggest she look at the time and money being wasted by all the “illusionary tactics” that she and her supporters are using. The latest example being these petitions. They were filed in Oakland County, processed and there will be a hearing on March 28, 2012 for clarity of said petitions. This is a frivolous waste of time and taxpayers’ money.

I ask Janice Daniels to think of our fine city. If she is truly dedicated to it, as she says, (and has an ounce of integrity) then she should reach deep into her soul and do what is right - RESIGN!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mayor Daniels' letter is filled with misinformation -- mostly praising herself for things she didn't do

The people I know who are not fans of Janice Daniels', do not respond to her hair or her shoes. We respond to what she does and says.
Last week she sent out a letter to SOME Troy residents, paid for by her mayoral campaign money. Why? The letter is In defense of the recall campaign against her. That's why her campaign has to pay for it. The letter does not tell Troy citizens what she is doing for the city so that we can all make a better city.
She is giving false, hyped-up results of her first few months in office. She is taking credit for things she did not do. She is trying to also turn herself into a champion of the library.
Those of us who fought against her to try to save the library are not amused.
This is what I said to her when I spoke before the Troy City Council last night:

I started paying attention to politics in Troy when I first became aware of the disinformation campaign waged against the citizens of Troy by Janice Daniels and her friends in her group Troy Citizens United or TCU. That’s why I started my blog, Keep Troy Strong.
This was back in 2010, when many of us fought against her to try to save the library. Two times we lost. The last time we won, thank goodness. That is why we have a library today. And so I am surprised to see in the letter that you sent to some people in Troy, Ms. Daniels, that you mentioned the library. I’m surprised that you have the nerve to talk about the library because so many of us think of you as "anti-library Janice Daniels." I remember when you made fun of children who spoke in support of the library. I remember when you said, “Nobody considering moving to Troy asks whether we have a world-class library, they want to know if our taxes are low.” That was when you were talking about the relative unimportance of libraries to our property values.You didn’t understand why the library is important to so many of us. You still don’t. 
If you’d had your way, there would be no Troy public library today. If you, Mayor Daniels, hadn’t fought so hard against the Citizens to Save Troy Public Library back in 2010, today we would have a 7-day library with guaranteed funding through 2020.
Now, we have far less funding for the library and we have to vote AGAIN for funding in four short years. Also, in your letter Mayor Daniels, you appear to be taking credit for reducing the transit center budget by 2 million dollars, which we all know councilmen Fleming and Slater accomplished, not you. Actually, then you complained bitterly about it. Now you take credit for it? How odd. 
You also take credit for Troy’s returning to a 24-hour snow removal policy, which the previous administration actually did. Will you tell the people of Troy the truth tonight? Will you tell the people of Troy that the previous mayor and council, which you so vilified, are the people to thank for the return to a 24-hour snow-removal policy – a policy finalized long before you took office? Will you admit that tonight? And will you tell the truth that if you had not worked so hard to disinform the people of Troy – just as you are doing in this letter you recently sent out – that we would have a fully funded, 7-day-a-week library TODAY? 
Will you tell the truth Mayor Daniels…. 
Or not?
And of course, she did not admit the letter was a sham.
Here it is -- you decide...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Are You the Problem...or Part of the Solution?

On Civic Engagement...From Rhonda

"The tyranny of a prince is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy." Montesquieu (French political philosopher) 1748

Complaining is a sport that we can all participate in. It takes no special skill, knowledge or physical acuity, beyond having a stomach for it. With 24-hour cable news, the Internet and talk-radio, everyone thinks they have a right to complain about politics and politicians and their “ilk.”

But what I want to know before you go off on your rage against the machine:

Did you research the candidates/issues in question? Did you attend civic meetings to learn more? Did you seek out the counsel of trusted sources? Did you actually vote? Did you try to do something? If you did not, in my opinion, you have forfeited the right to complain.

John Dewey, the preeminent American public philosopher of the 20th century, taught us that much more is at stake. Dewey viewed American democracy and education as inexorably intertwined. The issue for Dewey was not simply that our citizenry must be educated in order to choose political leaders responsibly and to hold those leaders accountable. Much more important, he conceived of our democratic society as one in which citizens should interact with each other, learn from each other, grow with each other, and together make their communities more than the sum of their parts. (Civic Engagement by Thomas Ehrlich)

Being unhappy after the fact can motivate, but it can unfortunately be too late with terrible consequences. Citizens must step up and engage in the process from the start. There is nothing more frustrating than having someone complain about a situation, and you tell him or her that the thing they are grousing about didn’t happen or changed. You shake your head and wonder how they didn’t know or why they only had one tidbit of the whole story. It isn’t that people only plug in when it directly affects them or there wouldn’t have been a suffragette or civil rights movement. With all the instant information out there, people are less informed than ever.

In the face of this boom in higher education, it is all the more disturbing that civic participation is actually declining—not expanding—in America, and that political participation is falling off precipitously. The most recent addition to a lengthy series of studies to confirm this grim reality is also the most extensive, Bowling Alone, by Professor Robert Putnam of Harvard. Putnam chronicles a pattern of declining civic participation in America and concludes that this trend has accelerated since 1985. Using data from Roper surveys, he examines 12 civic activities, similar to those considered in Voice and Equality. Across the 12, participation declined by an average of 10% between 1973-74 and 1983-84, and by 24% between 1983-84 and 1993-94. Putnam also reports that the share of the American public totally uninvolved in any of the 12 civic activities rose by nearly one-third over those 20 years. (Civic Engagement by Thomas Ehrlich)

Is it apathy? Cynicism? Disconnection? Disgust? It seems that it’s all of the above. But interestingly, one thing seems to make a difference: that is getting directly involved in the civic process.

An experiment at the University of Michigan underscores the importance of actively engaging students in the civic processes that they are studying. In a course on contemporary issues in American politics, the faculty randomly selected one group of students and asked them to become involved in community service related to local politics, in addition to doing the reading and written assignments for the course; the other students were asked to complete only the traditional assignments. The students in the service-learning sections not only earned better grades (by blind grading) and reported that they enjoyed the class more but they also became much more aware of political and social problems and more interested in acting on their heightened awareness. Several national studies about service learning have supported these findings. (Civic Engagement by Thomas Ehrlich)

I don’t want to hear derisive comments about “community activists” coming from anyone in this community or the national stage. Usually, those making the comments are just as “active” but only in their “communities” of narrow thought. They just don’t agree with the causes of the other guy. If people don’t engage in civic affairs, the democracy will not work or we will get what we deserve.

Let’s find a way to educate and engage our community. We cannot be too busy or blasé. Otherwise, we might find ourselves with no local library, rotten city services and roads, gutted public education and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. We will be looking in the rearview mirror wondering how that happened.

"Our children should learn the general framework of their government and then they should know where they come in contact with the government, where it touches their daily lives and where their influence is exerted on the government. It must not be a distant thing, someone else's business, but they must see how every cog in the wheel of a democracy is important and bears its share of responsibility for the smooth running of the entire machine." Eleanor Roosevelt

So here is the call to action to everyone wanting to ensure a future for our community: get up, get out, and get going. Be the agent of change. Don’t think someone else will do it. That is not how successful business people think, it is not how inventors think and it is not how people affecting change think. Take a stand, take your spouse, take a neighbor, a friend or your child. Show the community, but more importantly yourself, that participation matters. If you do, you can be proud that you went out and tried to make a difference. And believe me, that will be the difference.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What kind of Troy?

Soon we will address the strange letter Janice Daniels sent out to many families in Troy, in which she apparently takes credit for doing many things she did not do. 
But perhaps the scariest thing in that letter, and another good reason to watch her activities closely, is that she says she is looking forward to getting her hands on Troy's budget, during the upcoming, annual spring budget sessions.
That is scary.
Because Janice Daniels seems to want to turn Troy into a part-time town, with few services and even fewer staff.
If you are not clear on the kinds of plans she has in store for us, it might be useful, EXTREMELY USEFUL, to listen to this episode of a documentary radio show called This American Life.
It examines the two differing mindsets ON how we should fund and control local governments.
There is no doubt which side Janice Daniels is on. The question is...which side are you on?
What kind of Troy do you want?  
At the end of the show, a man explains that he is happy to pay $300 to his city to pay for a street light to go on every night for a year only in his neighborhood. The mayor tells him that for half of that he could have had more police and the streetlights in the whole city to be on every night. For less!
No, he said. He likes it this way because it isn't taxes.
And that's the brilliant kind of thinking guiding Troy today.

News on the recall

Today the Recall Janice Daniels team held a training session for Troy citizens who wish to help gather signatures on petitions to get a recall initiative on the November ballot. Over 40 people came out to volunteer, and there's another training session coming up this week.
I'm certainly glad they are doing  this, as I would never have the energy to make it all happen.
If you want to volunteer for or donate to the effort, go to 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rewriting history?

A local blogger and FOJ is running about saying that L. Brooks Patterson is a good pal of Daniels', in the attempt to remove the stink of his criticism of her.
I'm not so sure.
This is what he said about her in his Channel 4 interview:
As we've seen in the past, she has walked into these statements that I think have injured herself and her reputation, and now she's going after another guy's reputation.
Yup. He sounds like a big fan.
Go here to see the piece.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another good comment

On Fake, fake, fake

More ugliness they try to justify. 
Hopefully, it will only further to marginalize their group and cause. 
People are getting sick of this. Anti-city charter, anti-city services, anti-city employees, anti-minorities, anti-public transportation, anti-progress, anti-democratic process, anti-"community organizers" and so on. 
They can't accomplish their goals on their merit, so they resort to this continued obfuscation and lies. 
I hope the court slaps them with a big fine and court costs. Look at the Oakland County Election finance records to see all the money they are personally spending. The same folks. I say, keep making them write personal checks. 
We could have a 7 day library, great roads, pro-active police dept. on the money they have thrown at this political agenda of theirs. What a terrible, horrible mess they are causing in Troy. Their hubris will be their undoing. It usually is.
-Concerned Citizen

Janice Daniels -- Powerless figurehead or savior of our town?

Sometimes the comments are just as good (and better!) than our posts.
One reaction to the post: "Fake, fake, fake"

Bob Gosselin, Oakland County Commissioner, helped file these frivolous petitions? 
He should be censured/hand-slapped at the very least by someone in the Oakland County power structure. 
Yes, the TCU propaganda machine is full up, and my first mailer today lauding Janice Daniels's "accomplishments", looks like she's taking credit for the open checkbook and 24-hr snow removal. Funny, she calls herself a figurehead mayor when convenient (as in getting out of a tough question posed by Charlie Langton) but is not adverse to taking the credit that is due our city management.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fake, fake, fake... (new, longer video)

One thing about Janice Daniels, TCU and her friends. They love to fake it.
Fake indignation.
Fake numbers.
Fake facts.
Fake intelligence.
They also love to go after their foe's legitimate attempts at government change, by throwing up fake documents, petitions, proposals and all manner of nonsense.
And now they're at it again.
You remember when friends of Howrylak, Gosselin and Daniels put 3 fake library proposals on the ballot, just to confuse voters and prevent the Citizens to Save Troy Public Library from saving the library? And they did. Those fake proposals, Howrylak's bogus letter (telling Troy-ites we would have to buy a new library and all new books if our proposal succeeded - not true) and the fake numbers and claims in the obligatory 4-page TCU flier nearly killed off our library.
And remember, don't praise Janice Daniels for getting the library open on Saturdays. Curse her and her friends for killing Proposal 1 with those fake proposals. Proposal 1 would have given us a 7-day-a-week library for 10 years. Do you realize that in 2016 we have to vote to fund the library again?
Anyway, so what are they faking now to Troy's despair?
Look what FOJ Tricky Nicky is up to...
Yesterday's Oakland Press:
Recall petitions filed in support of embattled Troy mayor 
By DAVE PHILLIPS; Twitter: @dave_phillips1 
In response to a recent recall effort against Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, a Troy resident has issued 10 recall petitions in an effort to support Daniels, as well as three serious petitions to recall City Council members who voted in favor of the controversial Troy Transit Center.
“What we’re trying to do ... is show how ludicrous the prior petitions (against Daniels) have been,” Troy resident Nicholas Cherasaro, who filed the petitions, said.
Daniels has been in the spotlight since December, when a June Facebook post she made , which stated “I think I am going to throw away my ‘I Love New York’ carrying bag now that queers can get married there,” came to light.
Among the reasons to recall Daniels, as listed on the petitions filed by Cherasaro, are “For wearing tan shoes with a black suit to a council meeting on February 20, 2012,” “For smiling at the public during a city council meeting on February 6, 2010,” and “For having perfect attendance as City of Troy Mayor since elected in November of 2011.”
Other petitions seek to recall Daniels “For wearing a red hat with a red coat at the same time in front of the channel 7 TV cameras,” “For voting for the Troy Public Library to be open on Saturdays to better serve the people of Troy,” and “For going door to door and talking with city residents on their front porches.”
read more here...
So at least this time they are admitting up front that they want to cheat. That's nice.
And who went to Troy City Hall with Cherasaro for the initial filing of these nonsensical petitions, designed to frustrate and discourage voters just like the fake library proposals in 2010? None other than the dirtiest politician in Troy -- Bob Gosselin! (Or is Glenn Clark the dirtiest? It's so hard to decide!)

I think this willingness to cheat and disenfranchise voters in Troy proves that these people know they can NEVER win on the merits of whatever the election is. They know 72% of Troy voters are ready to give our mayor the heave-ho. So while they scream and carry on that we are wrong, they know we are right. Their conclusion? "We have to cheat fellas, or else we'll never be able to save Janice from the recall."
Cowards all.

And what can we say of Tricky Nicky Cherasaro? Who claims in every article that he did this on his own, yet had to have Bob Gosselin take him to the city hall to file?
Well, this video shows some of this newly-minted public figure's respectable behavior--

And what does Madame Mayor have to say about these fake petitions filed by her fan and Bob Gosselin, the man who held a bunch of fundraisers for her AT HIS HOUSE last fall? She said this to the Troy Times:
Daniels said she knows Cherasaro, but had no prior knowledge that he would file the petitions.
“He is his own man,” she said. “It’s the right of every citizen to file a recall petition. I’d prefer to see us focus on working together to advance the positive aspects of the city of Troy and the great people that live here.”
Uh huh.

Go to this site to help recall Janice Daniels.

Oakland Press Editorial: Keep Troy city manager!

Janice Daniels, who prides herself on having had NO experience before coming to office, says she has lost her faith in the Troy city manager to do his job. Well, since she has no idea what he does (other than being in a snit that he allows staff to open her mail -- which they are supposed to do), I hardly think anyone should listen to her.
But her vicious attack on the city manager got the attention of L. Brooks Patterson, who quickly sided with the city manager, and the Oakland Press's editorial board which lays out why Troy should not let Mr. Szerlag go.
Their reactions to Janice Daniel's political mistep is just another sign that Janice must go.
Volunteer or donate to the campaign to recall Janice Daniels here.

A vote against city manager would be a big loss for Troy
Published: Friday, March 09, 2012Troy Mayor Joyce Daniels has asked to meet with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. Maybe that’s a good sign.
Daniels, we gather, wants to tell Patterson why she’s lost confidence in City Manager John Szerlag.
We don’t know if the meeting will take place, or indeed if it’s already occurred.
But it’s our expectation that Patterson, who has already made clear his support for the manager, may have a few useful things to say to the embattled mayor, who is threatened with a recall.
Daniels — who is certain of her views and not afraid to polarize her constituents — aroused controversy when her last summer’s Facebook rant against gay marriage was revealed. She did it again when she garnered enough votes on her seven-member Council to sink a transit center to be funded mostly from federal sources. That vote has since been reversed.
She did it yet again when she declared she had lost confidence in the city manager.
In a long letter, Daniels complained in part that the manager had failed to provide accurate costs of the transit project and that city hall employees had opened mail addressed to her.
Szerlag rejected the complaints, pointing out that mail to elected officials is routinely opened by employees unless the envelope is marked “personal” or “confidential.”
He added that Daniels had damaged his reputation.
In Szerlag’s defense, Patterson wrote that Szerlag “stands out as simply one of the best” city managers the executive has worked with in two decades.
“He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive, and enjoys an excellent reputation not only within my administration, but within his peer group. A dispute between two individuals does not render one of them suddenly incompetent to perform their duties.”
Read more here.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Janice's friend Glenn Clark asked to resign

The National Faith and Freedom Coalition has Glenn Clark to resign, according to this article by the Detroit News.
How do we know this apparently unethical politician is a friend of Janice Daniels?
He is in this clip, wearing a blue shirt, telling the reporter that he's "a citizen." Yup, just a Troy citizen and pal o' Janice, who happens to be the head of the Michigan Faith and Freedom Coalition who also apparently broke federal election rules by doubling as Santorum's campaign manager in Michigan.

Janice has got to get a better class of friends.
Troy has got to get a BETTER CLASS OF POLITICIANS!

MARCH 6, 2012 AT 11:32 AM
FEC complaint filed against Santorum's Shelby Twp. rally
Dem says campaign violated election law by using donated hall
A complaint has been lodged with the Federal Election Commission against Rick Santorum's presidential campaign and others, alleging they violated federal election law while rallying for votes in Michigan.
Joe DiSano, a Democratic strategist, sent the complaint Friday alleging that Santorum took an illegal in-kind campaign contribution by holding a Feb. 17 rally in Shelby Township at a banquet hall donated for free.
The complaint centers on Glenn Clark, the president of the Michigan Faith and Freedom Coalition, who took a position as the volunteer campaign coordinator for Santorum in Michigan, where the former senator narrowly lost the popular vote to Mitt Romney on Feb. 28.
Clark organized the packed rally at the Palazzo Grande for Santorum while serving as president of the nonprofit that promotes socially conservative values. Federal election law bans a corporation from coordinating expenditures with a campaign. With Clark acting in dual roles, DiSano additionally alleges the coalition coordinated with the campaign and made illegal in-kind contributions.
Clark and Santorum's campaign adviser have denied any wrongdoing. Neither Clark nor the campaign responded to requests for comment Monday.
The national Faith and Freedom Coalition has been concerned about Clark's role with the campaign, going so far as to ask for his resignation from its Michigan affiliate. The national group has chosen not to endorse a candidate and invites all to its sponsored events. "The national Faith & Freedom Coalition has launched our own investigation, separate from the MI FFC affiliate, into these serious allegations raised by this FEC complaint," Gary Marx, executive director of the national group, said in a statement. 
Read more here.

Refreshing or Repugnant: You Decide

From Rhonda...

I finally read the March 10th Detroit News article about how our “blunt” mayor stirs controversy. Most of it was common knowledge until I came to the sentence in which the mayor says she thinks it is “refreshing” that she had not sat on any public boards or committees prior to running for mayor. Refreshing? Is that a bragging point? Is it some political jab at her opponent? Because if she thinks it is, she is dead wrong.

Ask anyone that sits on a board or committee. How in the world does she think Troy Daze, the Nature Center, Historical Society, the Friends of the Troy Public Library, Troy People Concerned, Troy Youth Assistance, Leadership Troy, Zoning Board, Parks and Recreation Board and many others, do the good works they do? It is people, volunteers, mostly residents of Troy, working for the betterment of this community. The one she supposedly cares about and wants to lead. She should have gone to the Leadership Troy volunteer appreciation banquet last fall to listen to and meet the people that make this world go around. Not ideologues, but idealists: people that see that contributing to the greater good means something and helps others beyond oneself. It was inspiring.

This kind of rhetoric shows how she is utterly tone deaf outside her circle of support. She keeps showing her ignorance of the community each and every time she opens her mouth. Funny, for someone who pushes for limited government, she should be more supportive, as it will be organizations like those above managed by boards and committees that will perform much needed services as civic money disappears. Perhaps she just objects to “public” boards, like the planning committee that she was hell-bent to seat her personal cronies to carry out her personal agenda.

People that offer to sit on public boards or committees are volunteers. They often work all day and then spend several hours per week going to meetings, helping, dealing with the business of the organization. It can be time-consuming and often takes away precious family time. But people do it because they care about the organization and its important mission. What an insult to think that just because she chooses NOT to do that, she is somehow better than those that do. Or perhaps her inference is that she is not somehow “co-opted” by heaven knows what.

What a dig to all the wonderful people who give of themselves to make the world a better place for children, seniors, youth, the poor or hurting. Being in the company of the many terrific volunteers in Troy is an honor. And there are many that are unsung out there that serve this community with pride that we don’t hear about. To all of those selfless individuals that volunteer on boards and committees and give of their time and talents so freely, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to our mayor I say shame on you for once again finding a way to make a sideways dig at good people to justify your narrow worldview. Just so you know, it is not “refreshing” that you didn’t sit on boards and committees. It simply shows that you had no interest in something that wasn’t politically expedient for you personally. Your statement lowers you once again and frankly, your comment stinks.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reason # 2 for the recall - Janice supporters want her out

Last week I met yet another person who voted for Janice Daniels and now is so humiliated by that vote, she doesn't want anyone to know about it. Her whole family, strict conservatives, are furious about the damage Janice has already done to Troy, and they want her out before she does any more harm.
This person was yet another in the long list of Troy voters I've met with buyer's regret who ALSO don't want anyone to know they cast a vote for her.
That's a reason for the recall.
Although these people will not let me use their names to tell their stories here, they are BEGGING to know when and where they can sign the recall petition.
They feel cheated by the promises Janice made before the election vs. the mayor she is turning out to be.

Ignorance is Strength? Krugman's just joshin'

Someone wrote me that Krugman must have read my post, last week. Sadly, I guess he didn't, but I certainly agree with him.
One of the key points in this essay is that the idea put forward by Santorum that people who go to college are less likely to be people of faith is simply not true.
One of the coolest books I've read about the idea of faith and science coexisting in one person is "The Invention of Air" about Joseph Priestly. The best book on science, faith and politics I've ever read (well, probably the only one). (learn more here)
Rational Enlightenment, baby!
By the way, the point of public education in America, including secondary education, is to keep the people educated and employable.
Isn't a strong middle class what we all want and need to keep America strong????

March 8, 2012

One way in which Americans have always been exceptional has been in our support for education. First we took the lead in universal primary education; then the “high school movement” made us the first nation to embrace widespread secondary education. And after World War II, public support, including the G.I. Bill and a huge expansion of public universities, helped large numbers of Americans to get college degrees.

But now one of our two major political parties has taken a hard right turn against education, or at least against education that working Americans can afford. Remarkably, this new hostility to education is shared by the social conservative and economic conservative wings of the Republican coalition, now embodied in the persons of Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

And this comes at a time when American education is already in deep trouble.

About that hostility: Mr. Santorum made headlines by declaring that President Obama wants to expand college enrollment because colleges are “indoctrination mills” that destroy religious faith. But Mr. Romney’s response to a high school senior worried about college costs is arguably even more significant, because what he said points the way to actual policy choices that will further undermine American education.

Here’s what the candidate told the student: “Don’t just go to one that has the highest price. Go to one that has a little lower price where you can get a good education. And, hopefully, you’ll find that. And don’t expect the government to forgive the debt that you take on.”

Wow. So much for America’s tradition of providing student aid. And Mr. Romney’s remarks were even more callous and destructive than you may be aware, given what’s been happening lately to American higher education.

For the past couple of generations, choosing a less expensive school has generally meant going to a public university rather than a private university. But these days, public higher education is very much under siege, facing even harsher budget cuts than the rest of the public sector. Adjusted for inflation, state support for higher education has fallen 12 percent over the past five years, even as the number of students has continued to rise; in California, support is down by 20 percent.

One result has been soaring fees. Inflation-adjusted tuition at public four-year colleges has risen by more than 70 percent over the past decade. So good luck on finding that college “that has a little lower price.”

Another result is that cash-strapped educational institutions have been cutting back in areas that are expensive to teach — which also happen to be precisely the areas the economy needs. For example, public colleges in a number of states, including Florida and Texas, have eliminated entire departments in engineering and computer science.

The damage these changes will inflict — both to our nation’s economic prospects and to the fading American dream of equal opportunity — should be obvious. So why are Republicans so eager to trash higher education?

It’s not hard to see what’s driving Mr. Santorum’s wing of the party. His specific claim that college attendance undermines faith is, it turns out, false. But he’s right to feel that our higher education system isn’t friendly ground for current conservative ideology. And it’s not just liberal-arts professors: among scientists, self-identified Democrats outnumber self-identified Republicans nine to one.

I guess Mr. Santorum would see this as evidence of a liberal conspiracy. Others might suggest that scientists find it hard to support a party in which denial of climate change has become a political litmus test, and denial of the theory of evolution is well on its way to similar status.

But what about people like Mr. Romney? Don’t they have a stake in America’s future economic success, which is endangered by the crusade against education? Maybe not as much as you think.

After all, over the past 30 years, there has been a stunning disconnect between huge income gains at the top and the struggles of ordinary workers. You can make the case that the self-interest of America’s elite is best served by making sure that this disconnect continues, which means keeping taxes on high incomes low at all costs, never mind the consequences in terms of poor infrastructure and an undertrained work force.

And if underfunding public education leaves many children of the less affluent shut out from upward mobility, well, did you really believe that stuff about creating equality of opportunity?

So whenever you hear Republicans say that they are the party of traditional values, bear in mind that they have actually made a radical break with America’s tradition of valuing education. And they have made this break because they believe that what you don’t know can’t hurt them.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Martin Howryak is not a Libertarian

I ran into Martin Howrylak at the Taste of Troy event last week. We started off shaking hands, moved to getting nearly homicidal with each other, and then talking much more calmly at the end. 
It was interesting.
Considering the many things I wrote about him when he was on city council in Troy, I was very surprised to learn that the thing that really made him mad was that I called him a Libertarian.
That truly surprised me.
Although I make fun, I hardly think that calling someone a Libertarian is a slur.
Also, my husband and brother-in-law are "libertarian-leaning."
Also, there is still a photo of him receiving an award from the Michigan Libertarian Party as Libertarian of the Year on the internet.
So what's the rumpus?
Mr. Howrylak gave up the L-word years ago, he tells me.
He is now a Republican.
And he wanted me to tell you that.
So I did.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Being Educated Is a Good Thing

From Rhonda...

Being educated is a good thing

I never thought I would see the day when being educated and informed was a bad thing. But right now there is a prevailing wind with many conservatives that if you are educated or want research and facts you are not a regular guy that shoots from the hip and uses their common sense. Rick Santorum said at a gathering in Troy the other day that because President Obama wanted children to be able to go to college, he was “a snob.” He said this in Troy, to rousing applause. Funny, from a guy with 3 college degrees. Mind you, the President actually said college, community college, training or vocational school, but I digress.

I moved to Troy, like many people, for the excellent schools. It is a very important selling feature for our community, businesses and real estate values. Anyone that doesn’t know or is unwilling to admit that is not being truthful. Ask an honest realtor, chamber of commerce member or school board member. They will tell you. Talk to residents that have kids. They will tell you.

Comments about people that are educated being “elitist” are just ridiculous and more base stirring. Rush Limbaugh recently slagged a Holly, MI author and NYU graduate as “over-educated,” because he didn’t agree with her book’s thesis. Imagine an NYU education for your child is now the insult hurled at them. Talk about pandering and ugly.

Everyone wants the best for their children. I am fully aware that not all children need to go to college. My wonderful contractor had his son working side by side with him on a recent remodel in my home. His son is the same age as my own son, who at the time was away at MSU. The young man was great at his job and he was learning a much-needed trade from his dad. I loved watching them work together. But he told me that he wanted to go to vocational school to learn to operate heavy machinery and he probably should take a couple business classes so he can do his books. He is ambitious and will be successful, I have no doubt. And I have nothing but respect for his abilities and life choices.

So, why the attitude about college? Many people want their children to go to college, either because the children want to, they went and want the same for their kids or they didn’t and want better for them. This is about loving and encouraging kids in an increasingly competitive world. If we don’t graduate more engineers, mathematicians and scientists, we are going to be so far behind the rest of the world that we may never catch up.

Please tell me this isn’t about “liberal professors” or some such rot. College is a time to test our views in the world and see how they measure up and grow up. I hope that is not the underlying issue with conservatives. That their children may go off and find there is another way of looking at ideas that don’t line up with their parents. We all know people who are book smart, but don’t have a lick of common sense. We also know people that are not college educated, but are very smart and successful. What those people have is not an attitude against information and research, but a seeking out of any and all they can get their hands on. They know that they can’t rely on just their gut, but must dig deep for information and educate themselves on all facets of a topic whether, and sometimes because they don’t agree with it. That is what informed decision-making is all about.

I am not interested in leaders who just pontificate their personal views, or ones that I could have a beer with. I have friends for that. I want civic leaders that hold education as a core value: for our children, the community and for themselves. I want leaders to avail themselves of any and all information, from multiple sources, when making important decisions that affect our lives and property. Don’t we want the best and brightest leading our city or our nation?

Then we must go out and demand it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

But sometimes, good things happen in Troy... thanks to the kids

Some Troy High students who will go far.
They remind us who and what is worth fighting FOR in Troy -- our families, schools, libraries and kids.
Go Dorothy and Sara!
As for the shameless plug department - my husband shot the video for YouTube - yup, the actual company.

Another blog revels in Janice

How is it that people around the world and around the country can recognize that Janice Daniels is a tad flawed as our mayor, but her small base of fans cannot? They just keep on defending her and blaming her behavior on those who report it.
Certainly this woman who wants politicians and government representatives to be responsible can take SOME tiny bit of responsibility for her many scandals? 
If not, how can we trust her at all?

From Eclectablog:
March 2, 2012
Troy Mayor Janice Daniels gets smacked down on multiple fronts, recall language approved

Posted by Eclectablog

Let me go crazy, crazy on you...Homophobic tea partier and Troy, MI mayor Janice Daniels has demonstrated her woo-hoo inanity in such a public fashion recently that she's beginning to get into a hole too deep to dig out of.

The hilarity began when, on January 7th, in violation of city council rules limiting discussion by council members on single issue to five minutes, she read a rambling and nearly comical screed ranting against the transit center the council had recently approved.

Here's a sampling. Hang on to your hats.
As the duly elected Mayor of the City of Troy, Michigan, I feel compelled to have my opposition to the construction of what is called the Troy Multi-Modal Transit Center project read into the Public Record so that the citizens of Troy, Michigan will have this information available to them for all time. The following information has been gleaned from documentation provided to me as Mayor of Troy and from various published information found on the Internet; however, all expressed ideas, thoughts, and ascertains are my personal beliefs that are protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as a lawful American citizen.
I'll pause while you catch your breath at this rather stunning display of poor writing being made to the citizens of Troy, Michigan for all time. You may wish to gather up your ascertains and ask yourself whether or not you are a lawful American citizen as Ms. Daniels apparently is.


[blah, blah, blah politically one-sided blah, blah purposefully understated...] The use of any amount of federal funds from a government that has increased the debt load on generations of Americans yet to be born by at least 5 trillion dollars of printed money in the past three years borders on malfeasance and the argument that it is our money that has been sent to Washington is naive when the truth remains that in order to get out of a serious debt crisis there has never been a legitimate provable case where increasing the debt load of the many by accepting the use of the debt money by the few has ever resulted in an improved economic climate. And to suggest that the tax dollars that we send to Washington are simply being returned to us does not address the fact that our tax dollars are not even keeping pace with the interest that is accruing on the federal debt that has been accumulating for decades now.
I'm out of breath just typing that. I'm glad she threw a period in there toward the end, even if it was grammatically wrong.

She goes on at length questioning a number of items regarding the transit center and throws in a dig at City Manager John Szerlag for opening her mail for her. Then she dives back into the tea party rhetoric.

It is a provable fact that ALL wealth is created in the private sector. The greatness of America is based upon the adherence to verifiable forces of capitalism (not manipulated by government forces), supply, demand, free markets, free men and free labor. Our country's principles and our educational institutions have been under attack for many generations to the point where a vast number of American citizens are not educated on the free market principles that drive economic growth and development. Instead they have been misguided into believing that larger, more instrusive governments at all levels are the promoters of economic growth. This Troy Multi-Modal Transit Center is one such misguided government exercise in the misuse of taxpayers' resources in the unsupported supposition that government projects create wealth.The truth is that government projects siphon wealth and destroy the ability of the private sector to enjoy meaningful economic expansion.
Habada habada habada... I hardly know what to say to this. She's using her platform as mayor to give dissertations on the tea party manifesto. She also seems to ignore the fact that most of the business leaders in Troy, those private sector heroes she adores, are in favor of the transit center. Big time.

Much more after the jump plus info on the recall.

She finishes with a list of concerns that ends with this:

8. And lastly, why have you violated council's privacy and opened our private mail. That is reprehensible and unforgivable.
I must conclude that I have no confidence in our City Manager's ability to continue to perform the duties granted him this position.
What's interesting is that this is labeled a "position paper" but that last bit is clearly a slam against the City Manager. The attack has prompted Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson to jump into the fray with both feet, going after Daniels with vigor. He defended Szerlag, saying, "During my nearly 20 years as Oakland County Executive I have worked with many city managers within our 61 communities in Oakland County, and John stands out as simply one of the best." You can read Patterson's entire letter HERE.

On January 16, Szerlag responded to Daniels' diatribe causing MLive writer Jeff Wattrick to write comments like these:

If you wanted to sum up Troy Mayor Janice Daniels few months in office, you would probably need to use the phrase “out of her depth.” [...]
Responding to Daniels' rambling 20-page statement—including a passage explaining that she has a First Amendment right to compose such a statement—about the Troy Transit Center plan, Szerlag refuted Daniels point-by-point in a manner that suggests Daniels has no idea how things actually work in the city she governs. [...]

He goes on to debunk some of Daniels’ most baseless assertions with a patience of kindergarten teacher trying to explain something complicated to an over-stimulated five-year-old. [...]

It probably wasn’t Szerlag’s intent to embarrass Mayor Daniels with this letter, but it’s basically impossible for an intelligent professional to soberly refute these assertions without making the accuser look like a dim-wit.

To paraphrase H.L. Mencken: "As democracy is perfected, the office of [Mayor] represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of [Troy] will reach their heart's desire at last and [City Hall] will be adorned by a downright moron."
I highly recommend reading Wattrick's piece. It's brilliant.

Which brings us to the best news of the week as it relates to Troy: petition language for the recall of Janice Daniels has been approved. The recall group "Recall Janice Daniels" will need to gather 7,985 valid signatures within a 90-day window and within 180 days from the petition approval. You can "like" their Facebook page HERE.

Given the absurdity and embarrassment that is Janice Daniels, something tells me that's not going to be all that hard.