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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why the budget problems in Troy?

How about that according to this new Forbes/Yahoo Real Estate analysis, Troy is part of the area in Michigan with the second greatest loss in property values in the United States?
Second only to Detroit!
Janice Daniels spent two years, with her friends at TCU, claiming that the former city council was misappropriating funds and hiding money and that City Manager John Szerlag was being dishonest.
Turns out those who have been fact-checking TCU were right all along.
There was no malfeasance. There was no misappropriation of funds. 
There was only Janice Daniels and her friends gaining political advantage from lying about Troy's problems.
And if she and her friends continue to deny the truth of how the horrific real estate market crash has affected Troy, our city is in yet more trouble with this woman at its helm.


  1. I totally agree with this post as I have with many that have preceded it. I often want to mention I have noticed most if not all the "disagree" and "U crazy" clicks have disappeared. This post is as good as any to mention this for I believe it is because the lies have continue to be unearthed.

  2. Next mayor needs to be someone with some insight. How could anyone have missed the obvious real estate crash? Of course some of the people formerly employed in the real estate industry have had to find new jobs.
    Has Janice found any of the hidden money yet? She has been looking hasn't she? This should have been a high priority for her. She needs to be asked what she has done with the hidden money she has found! If she hasn't been looking, why not?

    1. Yes, she seemed frustated that there wasn't any hidden money after all to carry out her 7-day library campaign promise.