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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The whole Schepke mess

OK, folks.
My reaction to Mr. Schepke's yucky racist rant on January 9 had as much to do with comments he made about Detroit and the people who live there as about the Chinese slur. At the time, the full 4 minute diatribe seemed too long to post, so I cut it down. But if you watch the whole thing, you'll see there is much more than just the one nasty term to complain about.


  1. As long a Daniels if mayor we will continue to be exposed to people with this mindset. We may have four years of this to put up with. I only hope the damage is minimized.

  2. He should never have been nominated for the Planning Commission with these negative views as I am sure future decisions regarding its building, occupancy, etc., will come up before the Planning Commission. How do we know he will not try to sabotage it still, he obviously hates the whole concept.

    Wrong of Janice and her cohorts to nominate him, wrong of Wade to be the swing compromise vote.

    Planning = Future and Vision. Why have someone so negative on this committee? And for that matter, why are the large proportion of people making these important decisions over 50 (or 60?) like Mr. Schepke. Our children have expanded their horizons, many of them have lived abroad, thanks to college study-abroad programs. They have used mass transit in Europe and Asia, oh, and even here in Wash DC, SF, NY, etc. They like it. They see the reality of depleting oil resources. Unlike their grandparents, their American dream is not going about town in a big gas-guzzling polluting Cadillac or SUV. Geez, we could have at least have kept the electric car chargers in for the transit center at NO COST to the Troy tax payer...electric cars are definitely coming, but again the Nay-sayers of the Troy Tea Party doomed that.

    RECALL JANICE DANIELS before she is allowed to bring in any further of her ilk into Troy governance.

  3. Electric car charging stations in metro Detroit:

    Troy, city of Tomorrow, Today? Not with Janice Daniels in charge, we can't even keep up with what other metro Detroit cities are doing TODAY. It's all about forging partnerships with businesses, government and utilities, for the betterment of our collective future. Daniels has her head so far stuck up in Tea Pary ideaologoy, playing to her fan base, trying to understand basic council meeting proceedings, and getting "her" unqualified guys in power, that there is no hope for her to be the leader we need, or even an innocuous ineffective one.