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Saturday, February 11, 2012

When will Martin Howrylak go?

Many people feel that much of Janice Daniels' anti-transit center, anti-city staff, anti-city manager manifesto in January really sounded much more like Martin Howrylak than Daniels.
And why is it that Mr. Howrylak keeps hanging out at city council meetings, huddling around the likes of David W and Janice Daniels, apparently giving out directions, advice, information and perhaps speaking points during council meeting recesses?
Why do both Howrylaks -- Frank and Martin -- spend so much time ministering to leaders and speakers?
I thought Martin had retired from politics in Troy.


  1. Nuts advising nuts. Get rid of them and return Troy to sanity. Recall Janice Daniels.

  2. Little Martin...running the mayor from the parental basement.

  3. I notice Bruce Bloomingdale (who lost his bid for council), attends and speaks frequently at council meetings. Shouldn't he 'retire'?

    1. If you don't see the difference between Martin Howrylak and Bruce Bloomingdale attending meetings, I can see why you'd say that.

  4. Bruce Bloomingdale doesn't latch on to people and tell them what to say and do like some sort of puppet master.