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Monday, February 13, 2012

VIDEO: What Janice Daniels said that INFURIATED L. Brooks Patterson

Watch the video:


  1. I'd forgotten what a stunning jaw-dropper this was, thanks for posting it. The true overbearing, egotistical, rude, clueless, despotic Janice Daniels comes out in this.

    I've read her supporters trying to gloss over her criticism of Mr. Szerlag as limited in scope to Transit Center, but no, she clearly states "I have no confidence in our city manager's ability to continue to perform the duties granted him in this position". It's an ultimatum, it's a firing speech, which TG she has not the power to do.

    And funny, that which she states dramatically in this tirade as the "reprehensible and unforgivable" act of opening her mail (actually City mail addressed to a mayor), she later found acceptable and no big deal.

  2. When I watched this as it occurred, my first thought was she just pulled a Captain Queeg moment from the classic film "The Caine Mutiny," railing against perceived enemies and missing strawberries from the food locker. Look it up sometime if you haven't seen the movie.

    This woman is seriously not dealing with a full deck, and this diatribe is proof. Paranoia is a huge indicator of mental issues, and brother has she become paranoid. No wonder Gosselin and Clark have to be her personal wall against the world.

    Aren't we lucky here in Troy to have such bright lights working for us? Counting the days 'til May...

  3. In addition, she calls someone else's actions "unforgivable" and yet for her bigoted comments and other actions she says she is entitled to forgiveness. She is and has been a hypocrite of the first order.

  4. We've heard on an audiotape of a conversation from earlier that very same day, in a meeting at the community center, her strong statement about how hard she is working to unite the city. And I truly believe she thinks she is, or at least if she says it with enough conviction, it will be so. And, yet. This paper was already written and she knew she planned to read it later. This seems so duplicitous to me. I truly can't wrap my head around what she hoped to achieve that night. How would this be anything but harmful? And how could we be anything but deeply concerned?

    1. Agree, anyone regardless of where one is on the political spectrum can't help but see her unprofessional behavior. Her Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde transformations have become too numerous and too transperent to stomach.