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Sunday, February 19, 2012

VIDEO: Janice Daniels throws Troy's support behind Santorum

...But perhaps Troy would beg to differ?
Janice accused the past city council and mayor of self-aggrandizing behavor. But look at her lavishing herself in self-importance, while making fun of Troy's budget problems at the same time.
Hmm, what a gem...


  1. She was always complaining to the past city council that they were misappropriating funds and hiding money. According to her the city of Troy has plenty of money and did not need to have a separate millage for the library.

  2. Janice Daniels: Spreading Santorum.

  3. Is it ethical for Janice Daniels to pubicly campaign for a political candidate in her role as mayor of a city? Is it approprite, or even legal, for her to represent the entire City of Troy's population?

    1. She does NOT represent me.