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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spring Awakening

the silver lining, from Rhonda

Spring Awakening
            Ah, spring. With the mild winter we are having, there are days when you almost think it is spring. With that comes the awakening of flora and fauna… and a voting bloc across the city of Troy.
            Watching the City Council meeting on Monday, it was exciting seeing the fresh new faces and voices at the public comment podium. The Asian Pacific-Islander Association and the MI Civil Rights speakers were terrific. It is about time this city’s diversity is front and center in a way that gives power to their profound impact on Troy.
            It is truly inspiring to walk the halls of Troy High School and see the globe in the confines of one building. The camaraderie, genuine friendships and cooperation between students of varying backgrounds and ethnicities, is a lesson for us all. There are no ugly words in their vocabulary that carry-over from past generations prejudices. They recoil and gasp at words and ideas that they know are wrong and hurtful and bigoted. And yet, adults who seek leadership positions in our city set an example of ignorance, indifference and insolence in thinking and using those words.
            Hurray for the APIA for coming and speaking against statements that should be long forgotten from the collective vocabulary. They have a reason to stand up and strongly reject this rhetoric that continues to foment harmful ideas. It is bad for them and it is bad for all of us. They have been awakened to what is dangerous for all of Troy. Hopefully, they will become a greater voice in civic matters and they will become a stronger voting bloc for the greater good of our community. 
            Now is the time to come together, register to vote, tell your story, and go to the voting booth. What happens in our local government affects all of our homes, jobs, schools and quality of life.  Be the force of change.
            Welcome spring. Welcome Troy residents to a civic awakening. It is time to join the effort to keep our city leaders in check and in touch with the majority of Troy residents’ vision for our city. 

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  1. Amen to that. Next is to get all of Troy's multicultural community more involved and voting, so debacles like our current mayor, Tietz, Henderson and sorry to say Fleming, don't get on council, or any other elected office for that matter, again.

    All politics is local has never been more true.