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Sunday, February 19, 2012

SNL: The comedy show gets it -- why is it cool to joke about Asian stereotypes? It's not.

Following the Schepkes, the Hoekstras and the Lin-sanity slurs, why does it take Saturday Night Live to understand that while other groups aren't supposed to be slurred and stereotyped, it's somehow still OK to do it against Asian Americans?

Lin's parents were born in America but the way. And so was he.
So were my husband's parents -- who spent part of their childhoods in America in "relocation"/prison camps. A real moment of shame in American history that people like Michelle Malkin claims never happened, or "children didn't have to go, they just wanted to be close to their parents" (not true) or that "they deserved it."
Just stop.


  1. Sad, all this attention over race! Just let the kid play good ball, and accord him the accolades that you would give any other individual doing exceedingly well in his field.

  2. Why is describing this player by his race ok? Would describing the African-American players that way be ok? No, they would have their hats handed to them... and their pink slips.

  3. Troubling about SNL is that they are having their cake and eating it too. They are being "oh, so clever" in satirizing a purported double standard, yet as part of their satirization, they get to be even more racist than the original offense.

    Too bad Jeremy Lin has to put up with all this crap from both sports and now the entertainment media too.