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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Planning Commission nominees

Why does Janice Daniels so desire to align herself with people like Dave Wisz and Gordon Schepke who make such terribly bigoted comments all the time?
Of course, Janice can't keep her own awful comments to herself either.
Monday night we will find out if Janice Daniels will be able to get one of those people on the all-important planning commission.
The Agenda is here.
Are you going to step up and ask the council to refuse a seat to a fellow who insults so many people who live, work and do business in Troy?
Ask Troy City Council to say No to Gordon Schepke on Monday.
Write them at addresses you will find here.
And please use this address, too, to make sure the staff can keep track of what the people of Troy are saying.


  1. Looked at the applications for Janice Daniel's nominees and see them using each other (or other's spouse) as references! This validates my fears that they intend to act as a voting bloc for Janice and her agenda and are not truly independent. Also I do not see how being a retired pipefitter or a mechanic, or having a criminal justice degree would especially qualify one for a city planning commision. The incumbents, by contrast, look stellar.

    We do not need more UNQUALIFIED people involved in Troy government, and look who's trying to get them in, our unqualifed, out-of-her-depth mayor!

  2. I did not vote for Janice!

    I have been in positions where hiring decisions or recommendations were made.

    Every time multiple applicants used each other as hiring references red flags went up. These people were usually not qualified for the positions they applied for. These people seldom had any applicable experience. Checking the applications and references sometimes revealed deception or fabrications. Never found the spouses of other applicants used, but that can slip by.

  3. As an Asian household, ChiCom to refer to the Chinese government is not racist.. Grow up. On the other hand, I could point you to what I believe are racists towards Asians in the Troy police dep't . . .well at least 1 obvious 1 anyways.

  4. You are an Asian household? Cool, so am I.
    First, he says Chi-Coms, plural, so just how many governments are there in China?
    And although I am sure you know of what you speak, anonymous person who can't give your name, I guess I'll trust the views of the Chairwoman of the Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission and the Exec. Dir. of the Civil Rights Commission of Michigan understand the situation.

  5. And hey, anonymous, another thing. This garbage doesn't matter as long as the Gordys and Hoekstras keep their bigotry to themselves, but when they want to take on power roles in government it becomes everyone's business. Why?
    Anti-Japanese sentiment in the 20th century ended with people like my in-laws being put in prison camps because of their race, when they were CHILDREN. You know all about the Asian life in America? I'm not so sure.