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Monday, February 13, 2012

Patch: L. Brooks Patterson Defends Troy City Manager Against Mayor's 'Personal Assault'

If Janice Daniels ever had any political friends in high places, they're all gone now.

First she ignores Governor Snyder's plea to approve the transit center, then she smears Troy City Manager John Szerlag.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson didn't have trouble deciding who to defend.

He chose Szerlag.

L. Brooks Patterson Defends Troy City Manager Against Mayor's 'Personal Assault'

"A dispute between two individuals does not render one of them suddenly incompetent to perform their duties," writes Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson in a letter to Troy City Council.

In a letter dated Feb. 7 to Troy City Council members, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson defends Troy City Manager John Szerlag against comments made by Troy Mayor Janice Daniels during a Jan. 9 City Council meeting.

During the meeting, Daniels reiterated her opposition to the transit center project in a five-page position paper in which she also accused two council members of "interfering with staff operations" and city management of opening her mail at City Hall. Daniels also wrote that she has "no confidence in our City Manager's ability to continue to perform the duties granted to him in this position."

Szerlag later released an eight-page responsethat rebuts nearly every statement in Daniels' five-page paper, which he says is "filled with inaccuracies and has damaged my reputation."

"My long standing policy has been not to get involved in local issues in an effort to avoid the impression that from the lofty perch of county government I'm in a position to dictate to local units of government what they should or should not do," Patterson wrote in his letter to council. "As it pertained to the controversy surrounding Troy Modal Transit Center, I assiduously adhere to my policy.

"But out of that controversy there has arisen an ancillary matter that compels a response from me," Patterson continued. "I refer to the personal assault on the character and fitness of your City Manager, John Szerlag."

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