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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Janice Daniels as our Ambassador?

Janice Daniels didn't attend Troy's Martin Luther King Jr. Day event in Troy. She has also missed many civic meetings, even those for which she had been selected to speak.
She didn't miss a big political soiree with "her own kind" the other night.
You might also notice a certain lack of her photos in the paper -- well, photos that don't involve scandals, anyway.
One of the key responsibilities of the job for Troy mayor has long been as an ambassador, reaching out to current and potential businesses, other city leaders and families and citizens.
She doesn't do that.
Well, the word is no one really wants her to be the "Face of Troy."
For example, is she getting a lot of those ribbon cutting gigs?
Well, no one seems to want her to come out and cut a ribbon when their business opens. And why would they? God knows what population she will insult next time, or what uneducated, incorrect criticism of the city staff she might utter. Why have an unwanted mayor sully your business's good name right from the start?
You are right, Janice.
Just stay home.


  1. We have to have a recall when the time is right. I cannot imagine four years of her.

  2. Did she give a reason as to why she could not be there? Does she really believe if the Civil Rights Act was not passed, we would have a better nation today? Come on. Study the sixties history, if nothing else. It would show her we are a lot better off than if the Freedom Riders (of whom there were white people Janice) did not begin their protests and a lot more children would have been shot in churches. She just showed her bigotry. This time not by words, but lack of action. Actions have the tendency to speak louder than words, as in this case.

  3. Why didnt Louise Schilling attend DDA meetings?

    (I did not vote for Janice).