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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Janice and the Bullies

As of this moment, there are a number of people accusing others of bullying our Mayor. The accusers claim that people are moving "beyond truth," and "embellishing" statements in order to "destroy" the reputation of our Mayor.

But are the people calling out Janice Daniels, in fact, bullies?

Let's step back for a moment and determine what it takes to be a bully. A definition of “bullying” is to “use superior strength or influence to intimidate a person someone, typically to force him or her to do what one wants.”

Thus, the formula for bullying is straightforward. To be a bully, one uses force, targeted at a person or group, to achieve a goal set by the bully.

At its essence, bullying is an abuse of power.

So who really are the bullies in Troy?

Are the bullies the people who tried to force the City Council to give special dispensation to David Wisz, and allow him to have 15 minutes to talk about the transit project?

Are the bullies the people who attack marriage equality, who go on to compound the attack by claiming that there is a “higher incidence of (overall) disease in the homosexual community”?

Are the bullies the people who violate council rules to read a 20-minute screed that ends with an attack upon the city manager?

In my estimation, each of these acts is an abuse of power. Each of these acts were committed by one person: Janice Daniels.

Janice Daniels is a bully.

The people calling out Janice Daniels on her bullying? Those are people exercising their right to free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment. They're people who love this city and are fighting to keep this city welcoming, diverse, and strong. They're patriots.
Don't believe anyone who claims otherwise.


  1. In case there are still people out there (and there are) who wonder why some of us dislike Janice so much and won't let her off the hook...

    As one of the leaders of Troy Citizens United, she:
    1) Spearheaded a lie-based campaign to defeat a city wide millage back in February of 2010, using a phony "29% tax increase" platform to frighten voters when she and her math-whiz cronies had to know that number was wildly incorrect.
    2) Was part of the successful TCU effort to defeat the dedicated millage Proposal for the library in November of 2010, which if you recall involved TCU members putting three almost identical proposals on the ballot for the sole purpose of confusing voters. She also fully supported another confusion tactic rendered by her buddy Ed Kempen with his "Friends of the Library with no new taxes" campaign, which was complete crap as even she must now admit.
    3) Spent years going to city council meetings berating the mayor, city manager and council with made-up falsehoods about imaginary budgets, slush funds, perks and pleasures, benefits, etc. She was merciless, and even though wrong, would never back down from her phony assertions, or stick around after opening her big mouth to hear any response to public comments from council.

    And now she's mayor, and exhibits a cluelessness, tone-deafness and stupidity weekly that is breathtaking, parading bigots like David Wisz out as an expert, nominating televised bigot Gordon Shepke to an influential city post, etc. Need I go on?

  2. If there is a recall, we should remember that her supporters will be even more vigilant in keeping her in office and who knows what low tactics they will succumb to.

  3. Janice's definition of a bully = anyone who publicly disagrees with her