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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It must be contagious

A story from Oregon sounds pretty familiar. A letter to the La Grande Observer tells the tale:
To the Editor:
I was deeply moved Feb. 20 to see over 200 EOU students and community members confront Mayor Pokorney regarding his hateful and homophobic postings on Facebook.
The mayor’s initial apology, which he described as “off the top of my head” (rather than from the bottom of his heart), was followed by dozens of personal testimonies from residents who feel embarrassed, threatened and misrepresented by the mayor’s behavior.
At the end of the allotted comment period, the mayor was given the last word.
He apologized again, but any sincerity was immediately eclipsed by his childish excuse that he was “old,” didn’t know how to use social media, and then a surreal tirade in which he cast himself as the victim.
He made it plenty clear that he’s not sorry for his bigotry, but for being caught and held accountable.
Although Mayor Pokorney’s small-mindedness is frightening, the larger threat is that he is running unopposed for a second term.
La Grande deserves better.
Ryan Pierce
La Grande

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