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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Glenn Clark in Ethics Violation???

Give a listen to this podcast, about five minutes in, for a very interesting discussion of whether or not Glenn Clark is in clear violation on many levels of representing a non-profit AND openly campaigning on a national scale for Rick Santorum:

Click here for the podcast.

Remember, Glenn Clark is the President of MI Faith and Freedom.
He is a known friend to Troy Mayor Janice Daniels
He has been surrounded by controversy before.

Is he in trouble with the IRS?
Is he violating the Federal Election Committee rules?

This will be an interesting story to follow.


  1. There are two listed on that website. Which one should I listen to, February 13 or February 17?

  2. Feb. 17 is the one you need...sorry.

  3. It starts at 7:27 and goes to 13:45. Go Joe DiSano, sic the IRS and Federal Election Committee on them!

    Any wonder that our mayor (bedfellow with MI Faith and Freedom) appeared at a rally offering the City of Troy key, if she had had it, to Santorum? JD, don't drag Troy into your partisan national politics!

  4. Just another reminder that she is focused nationally, not locally. All of the recent events have shown that she would just as much thumb her nose at the residents of Troy than work with them! This is just her stepping stone to what she considers bigger and better things. God help all of us! GET HER OUT! SIGN THOSE PETITIONS! Let's bring sanity back to Troy.

  5. I also heard on national radio mayor Daniels offering the CIty of Troy key to Santorum. She doesn't have the time to show up for a local memorial for Martin Luther King, but has the time for for her partisan politics.

    1. That video is posted at
      Janice offers the key to Rick.

      When religious zealotry comes to town, bootlickers like Janice love them some Santorum.

  6. Listening to this is very interesting. It should also include explanation as to why the MI Attorney General Bill Schuette is able to collect a state paycheck AND be Mitt Romney's state campaign chair. I don't care how they rationalize it, it is ethically wrong and someone needs to stop it. The tea party/ibertarians rail against this kind of mis-use of government position/money from the top of their lungs. I hear crickets chirping now...