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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ever unethical Glenn Clark in trouble again

The national director of Clark's own local Faith ad Freedom Coalition says concerns about Clark's actions are SERIOUS.
This is no political hit job. Just a politician who wraps himself in religion and the flag, but can't seem to act ethically.
How did Troy get so unlucky to be saddled with so many dirty politicians?
FEBRUARY 20, 2012 AT 8:22 AM
Michigan Santorum volunteer under fire after rallyConcerns raised about campaign coordinator for Mich.
Questions have been raised about whether Rick Santorum's Michigan campaign coordinator has a "serious" conflict of interest and has potentially violated federal campaign rules.
Glenn Clark, president of the Michigan Faith and Freedom Coalition who recently became the volunteer coordinator in Michigan for Santorum, organized a packed rally Friday for Santorum in Shelby Township
One of the rally's sponsors was the Michigan Faith and Freedom Coalition, a nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization that promotes socially conservative values of faith, marriage and protecting the dignity of life. Under its tax status, the coalition cannot coordinate communications with a federal candidate or make cash or in-kind contributions.
Gary Marx, executive director of the national Faith and Freedom Coalition, raised concerns about the Michigan affiliate sponsoring the Santorum event and Clark promoting the rally and accepting a position with the Santorum campaign.
Marx said the concerns "are serious."
"These are questions that need to be answered," Marx said.
The national group hasn't endorsed a presidential contender and invites all candidates to its events, he said. The coalition aims to educate and mobilize like-minded people of faith and conservative principles to influence public policy.
Santorum, who has been surging in the polls, didn't have campaign organization in Michigan and tapped Clark this year to help lead efforts here. Clark said he didn't see his roles in the campaign and the coalition as a problem.
He said he's a "volunteer statewide grassroots coordinator" for the Santorum campaign, but "I'm not coordinating in any way" on expenditures. He noted the Santorum rally didn't cost anything because the banquet hall space was donated by the Palazzo Grande center.
As a rule, he said, the Faith and Freedom Coalition invites all candidates to events. He extended invitations to candidates in the past, but "not for today."
All the candidates were invited to an event that coincided with the Republican debate at Oakland University in November, but Santorum was the only one who confirmed, he said.
The fall event was canceled, and Friday's rally was the newly scheduled event for Santorum.
"When he tells me he's going to do it, he's going to do it," Clark said. "These other guys (candidates), I have no idea."
"The terms are completely fine," he said. "The national office asked me if I was … on staff or payroll (for Santorum). I said no. They said: 'Fine.' "
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  1. Interesting, Romney turned down the endorsement of a Macomb County State Rep. Brandenburg. We was voted most conservative state rep and guess who has been in his camp in the past with his ugly, dirty politics...Glenn Clark. Even their own party is keeping these guys at arms length.

  2. Glenn is like Newt as the amphibian said "People don't need to see what I walk, they need to hear what I say." Glenn thinks his end justify his slimy means