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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doo Doo Heads

This column by Neal Rubin in The Detroit News is brilliantly written: Pete Hoekstra is a Doo Doo Head and Other Playground Wisdom.

In playground speak: to those in Troy who question those who stand up to a racial slur and claim it's merely a political scheme by a rogue watchdog group in the community to create hysteria in the spirit of smearing Janice Daniels, I stomp my foot real hard and holler: liar, liar pants on fire.

Taking it from the playground to more intellectual terms, xenophobia is a truly frightening prospect. The reaction here in Troy was just as legit as the outcry against this ad – an ad that is nothing more than a painfully awkward assault on our collective intelligence and sensibility in the name of politics. The outcry to Pete’s painful political propaganda, as well as the parallel outcry to the xenophobic slur used here in Troy, simply cannot be orchestrated. It’s a visceral, honest response. I would argue it should be welcomed, discerned and applauded, not summarily dismissed and brushed off like so much dirt on your knees when you fall off the merry-go-round.

Just like Pete, those who willfully refuse to at least acknowledge they may not have played fair with their words, (even if they thought they were playing nice), look like bullies. Those who don't understand this and shrug off the outcry we saw here in Troy are, like Pete, doo doo heads. And I wish they’d just take their ball and go home. Hmph.

(Thank you, Mr. Rubin, for the inspiration.)


  1. On second thought, I agree with the commenter on the Rachel Maddow show, Hoekstra is deliberately being controvesial and offensive, he is basking in all the free publicity. We are rightly condemning this ad, but let's not give his smug unapologetic self any more air time to respond.

  2. I agree. Just like a stubborn 2-year-old -- bad attention is better than none.

    1. Janice Daniels also reminds me of a stubborn 2-year-old. Last night at the study session following the council meeting, she finally agreed to let her mail be opened by the city after explanations by all council members (including Dave and Doug)and the city attorney as to why it is a good idea. All this was already covered by City Manager Szerlag, the media, former mayors and virtually anyone who has worked in business, in the last two weeks. Which begs the question, why do we have an individual with characteristics of a 2-year old as mayor? Time for a permanent time-out for her!