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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did it make anyone else uncomfortable?

Watching the city council meeting on Monday night, I couldn't help but notice all of the old, straight caucasians showing their lack of empathy for high school students, gay and/or non-white people.
Don't they listen to themselves?
Can't they begin to imagine that there must be something wrong with mayor Janice Daniels?
How do they convince themselves that Janice Daniels is right and L. Brooks Patterson, the majority of Troy citizens, the Civil Rights Commission of Michigan, the governor, all the local newspapers, newspapers and magazines around the country, and all the TV news shows are wrong?
And the one old fool saying Janice was being attacked by the "Asian Alliance" right after he told of the cruelty he had lived through as an immigrant? What the hell is an Asian Alliance? There is no such thing, sir.
Don't these people get it?
They, along with Janice, are bad for Troy business, bad for our property values, bad for our morale as a community (because they seem to dislike so many people WITHIN our community) and ultimately, they are rather vulgar.
We want people to find Troy an attractive town, not a cesspool of bigoted sycophants to a disastrous, ideologue of a mayor.
Listen to yourselves, people.


  1. I watched the meeting in between duties of home. I did catch two women speaking in favor, commendation and praise of Mayor Daniels. I also noted they were of varying ethnicities, which is different from past meetings. Very different indeed. Were they asked to speak before the council or did they speak on their own sole initiative? One may not know for sure, but one can think it was part of a plan of someone on council.

    1. Yes, I sense a plan there. Also now that the recall movement is taking form, we may see a return to the bland (relatively speaking) Janice of last fall's mayoral campaigning days. I notice, unlike before, she's been responding to the press in prepared statements, as in her professing admiration for L. Brooks Patterson's years of experience in governing and politics, and saying she is new at it. We the electorate have until November (assuming the petitions get the required signatures) to make a final judgement as to whether Janice Daniels can separate her extreme Tea Party views from her Mayoral position. I suspect she won't be able to.

  2. From what I could tell, the complaining "Asian Alliance" speaker was referring to the attorney for the massage parlor owner. In a previous council meeting this attorney in an obviously desperate ploy for his client, brought up the possibility of racial discrimination. So from this one occurrence by this sole individual this old geezer comes up with "Asian Alliance". The rest of his monologue I didn't quite follow the logic, except that European immigrants were great they all got along with each other and by inference what was wrong with the Asian immigrants? And also Mayor Pro-tem McGinnis should step in for Janice Daniels (not for her incompetence or mistreatment of city staff) but because JD would continue to draw ire, and it would be too much for her delicate nature, I'm inferring that last bit from him, the apparent gentleman.

    Troy City Council meetings, always good for a laugh!

    Seriously, only real problems should be allowed for public comment, like the Boyd street issue.