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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Mr. Schepke and your buddy Mr. Henderson

While you two will comfort yourself with the belief that last night's outrage was a political stunt, I would like you to know that it was not.
I am sincerely disgusted by your words, Mr. Schepke, both your slurs against Chinese and against Detroiters.
And although I'm thrilled to hear you think Chinese children are cute, my children actually are from CHina, as are the kids of many of the people insulted by you. And while you can admire our kids from afar, or pat their little heads, we have to worry about raising them in a country where people like you and Hoekstra casually drop disgusting slurs like little used tissues and then wonder what all the hubbub's about.
It's not funny to me.
It's not funny to my kids.
It's not funny to the kids at our schools.
And Hoekstra's ad which calmly demonizes Asians is dangerous. Read up on the "Yellow Peril" and the Japanese American Internment," if you don't understand.
And Dave, I always want to reach out to you. I want to believe you mean well. But when on earth will you defend the people your friends smear instead of defending your friends? Certainly you must have some line they may not cross?


  1. I truly think Dave is so blinded by the light you try to shine on the darkness he keeps turning his head back into the darkness. The fact that you may be speaking a truth that is not politically motivated is just not something he is prepared to see. When he finally stops turning away in annoyance and allows his eyes to adjust, he might find himself seeing things more clearly.

  2. It's remarkable to me that bigots never recognize themselves as being such. Never. They will always find some justification for their beliefs and go blindly on. Bigotry is the refuge of weak minds, and wow do we have evidence of that sitting on our council voting 4-3.

    I believe that if you associate with bigots, you're tacitly saying, "it's okay with me." That means you, Dave. This is not acceptable. Not in Troy. Not anywhere.

    You, Tietz, Fleming and Daniels are unleashing a firestorm on your Tea Party brand in this town that will destroy your political futures and damage the movement nationwide with arrogant help from guys like Pete Hoekstra. How tone-deaf...

  3. He seconded the nomination of a bigot to "get the discussion going". We had an hour and half of discussion, 3 speakers from Gov Snyder's committees. The seconded nomination just meant that Gordon was in. I am not sure he even knows what he is doing, but he sure does do everything Janice does. See Sharon's former piece about "yes man, Dave Henderson". It happened again on Monday. Dave, if she asked to jump off a bridge, would you? Be a leader not a follower, it's unbecoming.