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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daniels plans to fire city manager and replace him with Howrylak or Gosselin?

That has long been the rumor. Hopefully L. Brooks Patterson has cut her off before she could make this happen.
Here are two posts from TRUST FB. I will give the author credit (if he wants it).

I have heard this talk before and have no idea if it was true. I make no claim that it is, but for those of you may not read the link, I have copied a comment below that is interesting:
"Mayor Daniels is trying to stay on the timeline established soon after the election last November. However, this was supposed to be done under the radar. With all of the attention she has drawn to herself, the Tea Party's agenda may be damaged beyond repair. I have attended several "organizational meetings" and the plan to vote out City Manager Szerlag with a called vote of no confidence was to occur without a heads up to the press. Just as it was done to a previous City Manager. The plan was to replace the current City Manager (Szerlag) with either Gosselin or Howrylak after terminating Szerlag. It seems Daniels is trying to push the plan through, however with the recall effort gathering steam it looks like she may have cost our Tea Party its strength and credibility."
It is just my opinion, but if this was/is true, it makes me quite sick.

Hard to say if it is/was true. I note that when Channel 7 came to the Mayor's office hours none other than Bob Gosselin was there to provide access [Sharon's note: actually he was blocking access and called the police on the news crew]. The other party was Glenn Clark ("a citizen" as he described himself). Also, during the camgaign, it was Bob Gosselin who helped get a question moved before the candidates to comment on the performance of the city manager. I also note that when David Wisz was told that he could only have five minutes of talking time concerning the transit center (he was the mayor's expert), it was with Martin Howrylak that he in part worked with outside the council chambers to shorten his presentation. Maybe its all wind and smoke, but the associations exist. I think somebody might want to ask the mayor to comment on this situation in the next council meeting. This item continues to pick up steam and with a recall coming forward, it might make sense to go on record saying this is incorrect and that no effort to replace the city manager with a pre-selected replacement is/was planned.


  1. This rumor has been around a long time. The connections are interesting. One thing for sure, there is a power grab underway by group that possesses unconventional political beliefs. Nothing they do surprises me.

  2. I am starting to think that this group behind Daniels picked her to run because she seemingly was able to stand and deliver their talking points regularly and stridently. They probably thought they could be more effective as the brains(?) and ideas behind the scenes with her the delivery system. What they couldn't control is what she does away from council table and her personal hubris. They might have been able to help draft her "position paper" but not her outbursts and conduct. Maybe she is pulling a Sarah Palin and going rogue.
    I remember very well on the day that Martin Howrylak was called to a meeting by then Mayor Schilling to discuss the lie filled letter he sent out before the election, JD was standing in the crowded city hall hallway with a big sign that read "Martin Howrylak for Mayor." She was quite vocal and as I recall was making sure the press got her point of views. Wonder what happened there? Did MH having been on council decide that with his experience he thought it best to work the system from the outside and got his pal to run? Keep shining lights into dark corners and who knows what will be revealed.

    1. Interesting. I wonder if MH came to the conclusion that he couldn't win because there was so much on his record as CM that didn't look good, especially regarding the library. Whereas Janice Daniels could play up her outsider, fresh change to government angle. A silver lining to this whole mess would be if we got that unholy alliance of Daniels, Gosselin, Howrylak and Clark out of Troy's power structure.