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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The best reason to recall Janice Daniels

Most of us living in Troy have been asked the question: "WHAT the &^%$ is going on in Troy?????"
From the anti-library millage days (led by Janice Daniels and the TCU), to the release of her homophobic Facebook posting, to the embarrassing, anti-business, anti-progressive voting down of federal funds for the transit center, Janice Daniels and her lot have single-handedly turned our town into a joke.
My favorite answer to give when people from other cities ask me that question is the following:
Janice Daniels did a great job hiding who she was before the election. Only those of us who knew her as the anti-library, anti-tax nut who smeared city council members and city staff from the city council microphone every meeting knew well what a disaster she would be as a mayor.  
But now that the people of Troy know her so well, they WILL recall her. And that will prove to Oakland County, Michigan and the country, that the people of Troy are not backward, bigoted, anti-business yahoos. We will prove we are good, pro-business, welcoming people by getting rid of her.
 It has been humiliating to have Janice Daniels in office for four months. Imagine what four YEARS would be like!

I am not running the recall campaign, but I admire those who are. Go to`

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