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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anti-Asian bigotry running rampant among MI conservatives?

You couldn't have made me believe this was for real if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Pete Hoekstra not caring who he insults as long as he may gain the votes of racists. Giving credibility to bigots in our own community.

What the hell is going on in this state? You can let him know how you feel at his Campaign phone number 616-301-3105.

Holy cow! Michi-tucky here we are!

See the Politico article below the video.

Super Bowl ads: Pete Hoekstra's hits a nerve

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By TIM MAK | 2/5/12 12:46 PM EST

The campaign of former Rep. Peter Hoekstra for U.S. Senate explained a racially charged Super Bowl advertisement they developed – complete with an Asian actress speaking in broken English – as a reflection of China’s increasingly competitive education system.

The campaign of the Michigan Republican hit racial notes as a new advertisement argued that the policies of incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) were helping China to the detriment of the United States.

Continue ReadingThe advertisement, which will run in Michigan during the Super Bowl and afterward, features an Asian female with a conical straw hat riding a bike through a rice paddy field.

“Your economy get very weak. Ours get very good [sic],” the actress says, in broken English.

“Thank you Michigan Senator Debbie ‘Spend-it-now’. Debbie spend so much American money [sic],” the actress says, without a Chinese accent. “You borrow more and more, from us… we take your jobs. Thank you Debbie ‘Spend-it-now.’”

The Hoekstra campaign called the advertisement “satirical” and explained the broken English in the video as a reflection of China’s increasingly competitive education system.

“You have a Chinese girl speaking English - I want to hit on the education system, essentially. The fact that a Chinese girl is speaking English is a testament to how they can compete with us, when an American boy of the same age speaking Mandarin is absolutely insane, or unthinkable right now,” Hoekstra spokesperson Paul Ciaramitaro told POLITICO. “It exhibits another way in which China is competing with us globally.”

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  1. Hmmmm. I know of some local elementary schools teaching Mandarin in this area RIGHT NOW & they have been for several years. It looks like Pete's been so busy lobbying that he never took a look.

  2. What a stupid ad! Simplistic, catering to the lowest common denominator and laying all the blame for our economic woes on another country.

    Called Hoekstra's office and left message that he does not have my vote simply because of this ad. I am an Independent and have voted in the past equally for Republicans and Democrats, but he lost me on this one.

  3. He is a poor loser and just wants to get back into his career of a life long politician. He knows he can't go against Governor Snyder any time soon. He really wanted the Governor spot but lost. He no longer has the Holland seat, so, of course he has to play dirty to get Stabenow's position. Despicable. Where is the money for this ad coming from? You got that right!

  4. Good in the Garden of evilFebruary 5, 2012 at 6:00 PM

    I am speechless. What a sickening and backward mind would think this appropriate? The man who's face is at the end. I hope Debbie Stabenow uses this against him with all her might.

  5. And the most cowardly part of the ad is he never once mentions China! So who is the actress supposed to represent exactly?

  6. Yuck! Agree with the Atlantic article nominating this the most revolting Super Bowl ad, which said in part..."it offers a kind of visual dog-whistle, for those Americans who, either through experience or through Apocalypse Now-style imagery, associate smiling-but-deceptive Asians in a rice-paddy setting with previous American sorrow".

    Who is Hoekstra spokesperson Paul Ciaramitaro kidding? People seeing this ad will not be thinking of differences in "education systems" as they see this attractive young lady...Miss Saigon and yellow fevor, is more like it. Sleazzzzy

  7. I was told that many people went to his facebook and complained. Their comments were deleted so it is obvious that Hoekstra doesn't want to get the message.

    I find this to be true of Daniels and her people, they only want to hear what they want. They are not interested in what is really good for the country, they just want their bigotry and anti-progressive views to be heard.

  8. I thought this was a joke (a very bad one) and my jaw literally dropped when I realized it was a real add. Absolutely shameful...

  9. I wish "Michi-tucky here we are" didn't seem apt. Not a helpful image to compete effectively in the global economy of this one-world 21st century.

  10. It galls me when people use racial stereotypes and slurs to get a point across and then claim they did not mean to harm or insult. They are sinking to the lowest common denominator when trying to intimidate because they lack the intelligence and grace to engage in a real debate.

    Another example is Gordon Schepke. He claims he does not have a racial bone in his body. Traveling to China he feel in love with the Chinese people. However, as long as the Chinese stay in their country and realize their place in this world he is fine with them. But when they seek to step out of HIS comfort zone he has to use intimidation to keep these people he really sees as different, and maybe beneath him, in their place. If one truly does not mean to harm and insult then show it, speak it, and really mean it. Mr. Schepke is another example of an "old fogey" who cannot change his mannerism or speech. He grew up with this language and is comfortable using it, but he should realize that it is not acceptable.

    1. Mr. Schepke's non-mea culpa response was uncomfortably close to the "my best friend is..." defense:

      Yeah, yeah, he loves all Chinese people. Should have quit while he was ahead and said NOTHING instead of his patronizing idiotic drivel.