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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who Is Glenn Clark?

Successful elections of people like Janice Daniels don't happen by accident. It takes careful planning, with strategic thinking and moneyed resources to win.

In other words, there have to be people behind Janice, supporting her, coaching her, and egging her on.

These supporters claim that they are simple "citizen activists," claiming to be political neophytes, simply roused by governmental abuse and working to take government back. They say they want tax money returned to the taxpayers, where the free market will decide it's use.

One of Janice's supporters who describes himself as a simple "citizen activist," is Glenn Clark. [WMV link, go to 1:20:54]

But who is Glenn Clark?

You can watch an interview with him here, where you could listen to him talk about his resume. If you don't want to waste a half-hour, he explains that he is no simple "citizen activist." He's a long-time political hack who has been:
  • The Board President of the Detroit Merit Charter Academy;
  • Policy Chairman of the Michigan Republican party;
  • Executive Director of the Michigan Christian Coalition, where he claimed to be a"pro-family lobbyist;
  • Second Vice-Chairman of the Michigan College Republicans;
  • State Chairman of the Michigan Teenage Republicans;
  • A member of the 2004 national platform committee delegate for the Republican national Committee, and;
  • Chairman of the 9th District Congressional Republican Party.
Most recently, Mr. Clark became the President of the Michigan chapter of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, founded by Ralph Reed. (For anyone not familiar with Mr. Reed, his association with the Jack Abramoff scandal is a good place to start.)

So is Mr. Clark as "small government, let the taxpayer keep their money" kind of guy?

Not quite.

First, the Detroit Merit Charter School is a member of the National Heritage Academies, a for-profit school management organization located in Grand Rapids. Where does the NHA get it's money? From the taxpayer, of course. Mr. Clark admits to being on the public dole at 1:33 in this interview.

And it's not the first time that Mr. Clark has helped himself to your money. While working as a political consultant for Paul Scott's failed campaign for Secretary of State, Mr. Clark received $13,000.00 [PDF, see pg. 03] for being a "legislative aide." [PDF link.] Joe DiSano, of Michigan Liberal, has been questioning the propriety of Mr. Clark's work for Paul Scott and asked the Michigan House to investigate.

Capcon, the news service from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, speculated that if Mr. Scott paid Mr. Clark taxpayer dollars to do campaign work instead of official legislative business, such conduct could constitute a felony.

But just what kind of campaign work does Mr. Clark do? Apparently, Mr. Clark specializes in techniques so vile that one of the campaigns he worked on became known as the "Macomb County Chainsaw Massacre."

You see, after the 2010 Macomb County Senate campaign, former state Rep. Kim Meltzer apologized for lying and using vile campaign literature against her opponent, Leon Drolet. (Meltzer accused Drolet of co-sponsoring a bill "that would have allowed sexual acts between homosexuals in public places, public parks and public restrooms.")

Who did Drolet blame for the nastiness of the campaign? Glenn Clark. Drolet was quoted as saying that Mr. Clark has a "long history of specializing in reckless, gay-oriented smears" and "McCarthy-like tactics."

Finally, as Chairman of the 9th District Republican Party, Mr. Clark earned a nasty reputation. Here's how the Two Guys Named Joe podcast, described Mr. Clark's tactics and financial conflicts of interest:

(You can listen to the complete podcast by clicking here.)

So when you see Mr. Clark at a City Council meeting claiming to be a "citizen activist" who wants small government, don't believe him. In fact, you should recognize him for what he is: A long time political hack, dedicated to using government for personal profit, advancing his agenda through lies and defamation, and responsible for inflicting Janice Daniels on this city.

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  1. I wish Mr. Clark would simply come out of the closet and admit that he's not the Christian that he claims to be.

  2. Too bad he can't stay locked in a closet and not be able to wreak more havoc on the area. Perhaps Gosselin could be locked in there with him. Oh happy day!