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Saturday, January 28, 2012

What did Janice Daniels really say? Here's part of the recording

On January 9, Troy mayor Janice Daniels held her office hours and said something incendiary about gay people, yet again.
When a student called her on it, the mayor said she never said those words. So it turns out she didn't say one horrific thing, but she did say another horrific thing.
TV stations and newspapers FOIAed the recording Janice Daniels made at the meeting but until yesterday, would not release.
Hear what really happened in this video which contains an uncut portion of the hour-long recording...


  1. She doesn't get it and she never will.

    The whole Tea party movement is something that will have to just fade away with time. Recent polls have shown this to be the case with 51% of Americans polled having an unfavorable view of the Tea party. Another Gallup poll shows the Tea Party having its lowest level of support since they started polling the issue.

    As people like Daniels come to light, more Americans will begin to sour the party.

  2. Janice will never be part of the solution because she believes everyone else is the problem.

    Scandals so far:

    1) Referring to the City Charter as a "whimsical" document.

    2) Slandering marriage equality on Facebook and then being forced to apologize.

    3) Attempting to derail the transit center project by allowing an "expert" extra time to speak at council even after the "expert" was caught making racist comments on Facebook.

    4) Publicly attacking the city manager in a 20 minute screed, which violated city council's rules.

    5) Further attacking gay people by declaring the homosexual lifestyle "dangerous."

    Any bets on what she'll do next? Maybe burn the community center down?

  3. Wow, thank you so much for posting this! I'm glad I could hear her (Daniels) ignorant speech with my own ears. This clip gives us not only a better view into her already public opinion of the gay community, but also is another documented example of her approach to government. Is the full recording available anywhere else online? I'd love to hear the entire meeting. And to whichever one of you put this clip together, bravo and thank you!

  4. And don't forget, John -- she changed the Oath of Office so that it doesn't reference the city of Troy, or upholding the (whimsical) charter.

  5. I am disturbed about her statements about the separation of church and state. That is very concerning. I don't want her legislating what happens in people's homes, bedrooms, relationships or families. Who does she think she is? She can be a bigot in her home and with her friends and family. But when she represents the citizens of this city and posts or states publicly those bigoted views, then I care. When she has the ability to negatively effect peoples life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, then she has to stand and take whatever backlash she gets. After all, she is about SMALL GOVT isn't she? Demanding peoples names and addresses and videotaping them is Big Brother of the worst order. My goodness, if the previous council had demanded or done that, she would have pitched a tent on city steps. She is getting downright scary now.

    1. Yeah, and OMG asking for the names and addresses of youth considering suicide because of LBGT bullying issues, and having her appear at their doorsteps with her level of insensitivity and lack of empathy (execpt as it applies to HER) would just be peachy keen I'm sure (irony intended here).

      In the interests of everyone's mental health keep her away from any social outreach programs and from our youth. Janice Daniels is considerably out of her depth.

  6. Welcome to the city of yesterday, today.

  7. It is going to seem like a long long term that the great City of Troy is going to have to endure this mayor. Is it a two year or a four year term?> Either way, it is going to seem like an interminable length of time. It's going to get worse. She is trotting out the 1980's arguments about Gay people and their dangerous lifestlye. All have been dismissed as junk science and homophobia.

  8. OK, Janice and her ilk are making the City of Troy not a welcoming place for Gay People, African Americans, Asian Americans, Non Judeo-Christians (this is in the Republican manifesto, and Janice is clearly partisan, not what the Mayor position is supposed to be). All that will be left is white straight and preferably non-college educated (she thinks too many college professors are 70's radicals), people like Mr. Schepke and her fan-base, the head cases that speak at the City Council meetings.

    Not a place I want to live anymore.