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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Troy Patch: Troy City Council to Vote on Revised Transit Center Proposal

Extremely encouraging news about the transit center! Councilman Slater has placed a new resolution on the table to give our transit center one more chance.

The article says that both Slater and Fleming worked on the compromise which means, considering Fleming was the swing vote, that the revised resolution must have a pretty good chance at passing.


from today's Troy Patch
Troy City Council is expected to vote Monday on a revised and less costly transit center design proposal for the federally funded multi-modal transit center after voting 4-3 last month not to approve a design subcontract in the amount of $8.4 million.

The revised proposal, submitted by Councilman Dane Slater, caps the transit center project at $6.27 million.

The reduced cost is meant to entice a "yes" vote from a majority of City Council members, including Councilman Wade Fleming, who voted against the project Dec. 19 but indicated he would be willing to vote for a less costly version of the project.

"I’m willing to go now to $6 million, and that’s it," Fleming said Dec. 19.

"This is the same proposal that Councilman Fleming proposed on the 19th of December," Slater said Saturday. "I’m bringing that forward thinking we’ve come to a concession, and hopefully I can get a majority vote to approve the project.”

Slater said he worked with Fleming, representatives from the Troy Chamber of Commerce, the city manager's office and project engineers from Hubbell, Roth & Clark Inc. on the new design proposal, which he said will still maintain the integrity of the previous building design.


  1. I remember way back, when Martin Howrylak told folks he would support a library millage as long as it was under 1 mil. NOT! So, Fleming could just be working the crowd as he so likes to do. Again, he is about personal political positioning. Doesn't he want to put on future campaign literature that he was the savior of the transit center. Let's pour ourselves a glass of wine and see what happens.

  2. Thank God for Dane Slater! Where there's a will there's a way. Let's hope CM Slater's proposal passes.

  3. I second you there, ExTroyGal!