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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tea Party goofballs start banning books - in Plymouth?

After reading Aleck's post about Deb DeBacker, I found this fascinating...and scary.

Plymouth-Canton school district banning books
By Jack Lessenberry
There’s an interesting controversy going on in the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, a middle-class school district in Western Wayne County. It has to do with banning books.
And while it hasn’t made headlines, the implications are ominous, and scary. This is a sizable district, with three high schools with more than six thousand students.
Plymouth-Canton has many students and parents who are trying hard to prepare for a college education. The district has a full set of AP, or Advanced Placement classes for exceptional students. One of the most popular of these is AP English, and one of the most popular teachers is Brian Read, who helped devise the current curriculum. Among other things, students have been reading two acclaimed novels, Graham Swift’s "Waterland" and Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer-Prize winning novel "Beloved."
But last month, AP teachers were suddenly ordered to collect copies of "Waterland" and prevent kids from reading it. According to a parent, Tim Rohrback, the superintendent, Dr. Jeremy Hughes, ordered the book removed after complaints from only two parents.
The father, Matt Dame, ran for the school board as a Tea Party candidate last year, and lost. He and his wife Barbara now want "Beloved" banned as well. The reason? At a two-hour public review last week they complained that the novels contain passages that discuss sex, ghosts and the killing of an infant. Mr. Dame also said that characters in the books take God’s name in vain.

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  1. If that's their criteria for an offensive book I assume that they also object to the Bible. Throughout my years I have read that particular book cover to cover and it also discusses sex, ghosts and the killing of infants.

    1. Excellent response Glenn!!

  2. Matt Dame's Page - Rattle With Us Tea Party

    The slogan of "Rattle With Us Tea Party"?

    "Our Venom Is Our vote."

    There were four Rattle with Us endorsed candidates running for the school board and two of them Mark Horvath and Mike Maloney won.
    They had both been on the board previously.

  3. Thanks for posting! We need to work across communities to educate on candidates and make people aware of the extremist agenda that is permeating this area. The Troy school board is at risk too. We dodged a bullet this fall with Cristian Teodoritis. Also we should be aware that Mayor Daniels has indicated that she wants to work more closely with the school board. We should be very vigilant. This could be hazardous!

    1. i wonder how cristian teodoris got teacher's union support, when he was clearly not in students' or teachers' best interest

  4. I read "Beloved" during my undergraduate studies and it was a very enlightening book. These people are kooks!