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Monday, January 2, 2012

Please read the comments under each post, too!

I don't know if all of our readers make sure to look at the comments under our posts (you may have to click on "comments" under the post), but there are some amazing ones.

Here are some from the last few days...
My wife and I have lived/owned in Troy for 8 years. I have a 3 year old and one on the way. We moved to Troy because we thought it would be a great place to raise a family, not a time warp back to the 50's. If Janice D.(Not my mayor), Wade, Dougie or Dave is not recalled in the next 2 years my family and I are gone! PERIOD! If this community can not come together to remove any of these, I don't want to be a part of it any longer! I hope the majority of voters feels the same. INVEST IN TROY'S FUTURE, THROW THE BUMS OUT! RECALL! RECALL! RECALL! I for one am willing to go door to door.
Scary that this person with no scruples, no shame, and a liar is mayor. I was disappointed when she won the election (and yes, I did vote), but hoped for the best; now I am alarmed and appalled. Where's the recall wagon?

These same folks talking about running the city like it's a business. OK. I'll go along with that. Then do it. This means having a solid, well-researched strategic plan. It means looking forward to see what makes you competitive. It means investing in your "store front" to attract customers. It means listening to the customer. These same elected officials capriciously tossed out our Master Plan, disregarded customer input, laugh at re-investment opportunities and consider them folly, and view it's fund balance as a slush fund they are willing to spend down to a dangerous level. Meanwhile, their ability to recognize the importance of public relations and reputation management is nonexistent. Add to this the fact that they ask their business partners for input on a key decision and those business partners take time out to give it only to have it completely disregarded with an admission that they never intended to listen to what they had to say in the first place and you have

It would take approximately 8,000 signatures to recall Daniels for her illogical reasoning in turning down the transit center money. -------- Criteria used: -- Election: 2010 General; -- County: OAKLAND; -- Office sought: Governor 4 Year Term (1) Position; -- City/Township: TROY CITY; TROY CITY TOTAL 31,939 ----------- Assuming you wanted to collect 9,000 signatures (to make up for invalid signatures) in 90 days, that would be 100 signatures a day. If she keeps opening her mouth, it shouldn't be hard to get that many...

I have a lesbian friend (a talented engineer) who has lived in Somerset Park apartments for several years. She is moving out this month, before her lease is even up, because of Janice's anti-gay comments. A person leaves here, a business leaves there; pretty soon you're talking about a real exodus of dollars and talent.

I have to question her sanity. She is a complete flake. In an op-ed piece she labeled herself as a domestic terrorist. I would have to agree because she has done nothing but try to destroy our way of life in Troy as a private citizen and as Mayor.

Let me tell you, those of us over 50 aren't too happy with the way Troy and MI are going either. I never thought I would entertain leaving, but it is weighing heavily on my mind as retirement approaches. I may stay in MI, but will say bye bye to Troy if Janice an her ilk don't get recalled.

I will second that. I am over 50 and waiting for my last child to go to college soon. When that happens, I will consider another community or leave the state. I hate to leave friends, but I see Troy becoming an ugly dinosaur. I spent some years living in Livonia and watched the exodus of families to Novi and Plymouth. That really did not help Livonia schools and property values. Now Novi is booming, growing, new library, shopping expansion, good schools. How will Troy compete with that?

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