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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Notes from Janice's radio appearance

Linda whipped up this transcript of the radio appearance. Linda's comments in red.

(Host) Kevin Dujan (Hell Buzz): Janice Daniels should be a hero to a great many people. A
citizen never involved in politics before - saw her exp. as a business person and raising
a family. A lot see it as an “US vs. “THEM”. People see them as different.

Janice Daniels: Important to work together to get our message out. We the people are
the true leaders of our country.

Buzz: So many would be wonderful as elected officials, but fear of putting it out there.

JD: Not so sure I had a fear. I had a deep seated desire not to run for office because I
saw myself as one of the people who could act as a thorn in the side of big government.
I would go to council and petition my government for redress of grievances as
a necessary. Did not want to become involved in the governing body. Am involved in a
couple of Tea parties and I would ask if any one would run for council or mayor. Had a
Financial wizard decide to run for counsel, but we still had two council seats and mayor.
Four days before the election a group of us had a meeting. Two others stepped up,
Dave Henderson, Doug Tietz and Ed Kempen.
Obviously confused. “Four days before the election” and “two others stepped up” - math must not be her strong spot, if she even has a strength, but I digress.

JD: We had a moderate who was going to run. Really nice lady, but a moderate or “liberal
in hiding.” This was a tragedy and the reason I decided to run. She was running
unopposed. That is being a thorn, deciding not to have the “moderate or liberal in
hiding run unopposed.”
Within four days of getting my signatures, I saw people wanted me to run, I saw the
support. They wanted her/our ideas and her/our principles into the government to make
a difference.

Buzz: What do you mean, “thorn?”

JD: As long as we allow government officials to present only their side of the issue as
that is the only truth that exists and we donʼt stand up and say, “no, there is another
truth that exists that needs to be said.” Now, of course, the machined government is
quite good at building a case against anything said against them. I donʼt mind being
called a radical. My ideas are so main stream constitutionally speaking that if they are
opposed to my ideas, it is them that are the radicals, not me. Well, Iʼll be! Guess Iʼm a

Buzz: For the past 20-30 years, the media has forced down our throats that everything
has to be the moderate. Only someone like Romney, Dole or McCain can be the
candidate. That word has become a bad word to me.
I like that you recognized the Moderate as a Leftist in disguise, but I refuse to use the
term “Liberal” because that is a term that makes them sound more attractive than they
really are. Itʼs like calling cockroaches, “hugabugs.” But a cockroach is a cockroach
and a leftist is a leftist and a liberal is a leftist, so I cut to the chase and call them what
they really are.  Nice people

Buzz: What do you think about the term Moderate that people have been brainwashed
into thinking that everything has to be Moderate to succeed. Do you agree with that?

JD: I agree with that. It was actually one of the Republican heroes who used the media
to sway public opinion and that was Teddy Roosevelt. He was the first president that
used the media to sway public opinion to promote his agenda and it has been used
more and more and more to the point that the the pendulum has swayed so far to the
left that we the people have finally reached a point where we have said enough is
enough. They have distorted the word moderate, distorted foundational principles. We are not a
democracy, we are a republic and that is a very distinct difference.
A democracy is a rule by the whim of the majority that happens to be in power at any
given time.
A Republic is the rule of law, we are all equal under the law.
It is important that she is dedicated to bringing this to the table (this distinction.)
They have distorted the meaning of the word “choice” and we can find all other kinds of

Buzz: Your campaign - not a lot of time - didnʼt have the machine, etc. With all these
distortions that happen in a campaign and things aimed at you personally, what did you
go through?

JD: Interesting thing was I garnered supporters through Tea Party. There were activists
already interested in the Constitutionally limited government that we set up as a nation.
That from city to City - office to office - we had to get Constitutionally knowledgeable
people into office. I did have a support group. Did not have a lot
I am the citizen legislator that the founding fathers envisioned. I am not doing this to
become the government fixture. I am doind this because I am stepping out of my role
as a businesswoman, a mom, a friend, . . . and I am taking my time to correct the
wrongs of the existing government and bring it back to the constitutionally limited
government structure.
I did have a lot of support and we were knokwledgeable in what it takes to win. Quite
frankly, once I decided to run, I decided winning was the only acceptable option. We
needed to define me, not have the opposition define me.
Did not do traditional campaigning, ex., phone banks, peopole made 100 calls from

Buzz: So you took advantage of new technologies

JD: I have a scripted message that others can use as a template in the future.

Buzz: They can go to your website.

JD: I have Facebook and I will be keeping it up as much as I can.

Buzz: Your position is a little unique since it was a few days before the election (I guess
itʼs all in the numbers you use) and your opponent was running unopposed, so you
decided to run.What tactics did she use.

JD: They were shocked that I ran. Literature showed in bold letters DONʼT VOTE,
showing Bachman, Palin, etc. Thatʼs what Tea Party darling JD and her extremist “yes”
men want you to do.
You can team me up with Sarah and Michele any day of the week.

Buzz: Youʼre in good company.
There is an orchestrated effort, being run by a lot of celebrities. There was an
orchestrated effort by the left to drive home that any outspoken woman is a villian since
the 70ʼs (Anita Bryant) painting the women as a “Corilla DeVille” type

JD: Past two years I have been to council with redress of grievances, strong proponent of
law and order government. Governmentʼs primary role is to protect the people. Hap
opposition going door to door where there were JD signs saying I would destroy the
Police Department.
I was a proponent (that is what she said) of the tax increase and the political class tried
to use fire, police and snow removal as pawns at a time of unprecedented economic
hardship. Because I was against tax increase, they tried to equate that as I was against
the police.

Buzz: This is classic - Iʼm from Ohio. police fire used to fool voters. How do you get
past emotionalism. Community is not going to burn down without taxes.

JD: Going door to door I got a great deal of dissatisfaction over how services were used.
3rd tax proposal in 18 months. The first two were defeated because the citizenry is
waking up to the tactics, but we voted in the final tax proposal because people said
they did not trust council not to close the library. (They voted for a tax increase
because they did not trust council?????)
Now, Iʼll tell you since the election on Tuesday, they are mounting a recall petition right
away, because I refused to take an oath to the city charter. So the fun begins right
away with the left. Why did they wait two days.
Constitutionally speaking, elected officials are only required to take an oath to the US
and State Constitution.
I did not want to take an oath to the charter. In particular Section 21 of the State
Constitution says “under general laws the electors of each city shall have the power and
authority to pass all laws and ordinances relating to its municipal concerns subject to
the Constitution and general laws of the State.
In the Troy Charter 3.8.5 says, the Mayor of the City shall issue a written proclamation
requesting members of Congress use their best efforts to pass a constitutional
amendment imposing term limits on the U. S. Congress. I donʼt believe in term limits.
You should use the power of the ballot to remove ineffective legislators.
Buzz: Left believes people cannot (Democratic party taken over by the left) do anything
for themselves. They have to be told they can only vote for this person twice,etc.
JD: Whole issue of left believing people are too stupid . . . is part of the larger plan to
destroy our schools because if you have a “mush” kind of curriculum you are going to
have a poorly educated kind of electorate in the future and this has been going on for 50
year or so. Today we see people who do not understand the proper role of government.
Thatʼs why we see Occupy Wall Street.

Buzz: Opinion on interest in schools, marxism, frankfurt school in Chicago.

JD: I have not followed school boards as I should or might in the future. I was busy
raising a family and cleaning. We need to correct marxism and the effect of allowing 70ʼs radicals as professors.

Buzz: I think 80% of the country is good by nature. What do you think is something you
can do to have people take an interest.

JD: I will be inviting Dr. Michael Ross to speak at council - works at restoring intact
families and the benefits of an intact family. This equates to a more well educated
future work force.
I believe our 7 member council is the front line direct voice of the people I want to use
my new role as Mayor to promote the healthy aspects of society. (WHOA!!!! You have
got to be kidding me.)
I would say 90% of the people are good by nature. It only takes a small amount of
people that are very vocal that can create the illusion of havoc.

Buzz: One of the flyers

JD: Actually the media published a picture of me that was so horrible. I had one eye
half closed and I had this stupid grin on my face and right next to me is the opposition
looking like an angel, with volumes about all the positions she held and, JD is a
newcomer who never ran.

Buzz: Sad and sick. Blatent - childish, petty. Of the Independent minded - how many
are swayed? People see the newspaper and donʼt like JD because it was not a nice pic.

JD: We bought 900 signs. I was effective in door to door and would say, “I have a life
time of experience where every day I go to work and treat my customers with a high
level of excellence or I do no have a job.” Then people would shake their heads and
say they understood. I had signs lining main streets. City workers were measuring and
taking them down.
Robin Beltramini was a ten year council person. Louise Schilling was term limited and
“they” had groomed RB for the job.
I upset the apple cart.

Buzz: Their plan was to have a dynastic succession plan. The Princess apparent
wanted to make her Queen.

JD: Yes. Thatʼs exactly right.

Buzz: How did she take the loss and how did the council and other pubas that decided
at some cocktail party how they wanted things to go. How did they react?

JD: Newspaper article showed me smiling with hand up in the air and her with a sad
face. (NOTE TO READER: Hold on to your lunch!) I had said “my supporters are the
stars that I fell among when I shot for the moon in this campaign.” We ran a positive,
action oriented forward thinking campaign and thatʼs the way we want to approach this
role as mayor.
She (RB) said it was dirty politics that got me elected.

Buzz: What did she accuse you of that was dirty politics? It sounds like the unions and
the media running that nasty picture of you and then trying to pull out your yard signs,
like they were working the dirty tricks to a hilt.

JD: Thatʼs the observation that Iʼve made is the left believes they can use whatever
tactic because we all know that Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, etc. The end justifies the
means. Afterward they think they hold the high ground. It is amazing.

Buzz: They will accuse you of doing things that they do. When you beat them, they

JD: Yes.

Buzz: They canʼt process in their brains that you won without any trickery (WOW - their
smoke and mirrors even have them fooled!) You werenʼt getting dead people to vote or
using cartoon characters, etc.
How does Troyʼs power structure work? Youʼre elected mayor, but is the mayor over
council or do you work in tandem with a city manager.

JD: We have a council/manager form of government, which is prevalent aroundthe
country. I am one of seven votes. I have the gavel, I run the meeting (thatʼs a stretch!)
and I have the final voice. (A legend in her own mind!!!!)
The city is run by the manager. The council hires two positions, the manager and the
city attorney.
Under the manager are numerous departments - he is responsible (a man right now) for
the administrative aspects. We are responsible for the legislative actions.

Buzz: You and council are responsible for tax increases, passing bills, budget, etc.

JD: Taking the info fed from the city manager from his department heads with the
expert opinions of members of the community (would that be Dr. Ross, John Wicz and
her other cronies?) and we make decisions if we want to put a tax increase on thte
ballot or wt=ether or not we want to have our library open on Saturday, etc.

Buzz: What is a big goal of yours, what would you really like to achieve?

JD: Biggest goal is to reconfigure our understanding of government. In America, as I
have said before it is the people who are the leaders. Government officials at all levels
are elected servants. We are to do the will of the people. That configuration has been
switched around over time to where we all think that the Government officials are the
leaders and we bow down to them. They are acting like Kings and Queens.
I want to restore the proper configuration of government in my little community in my
own little way. If I can influence other cities around me, other counties, states in the
United States that would be the greatest goal to make one small step in that proper
I also, on a more immediate local level, I want to do what I can to promote the business
community so that we can fill the vacant buildings that are lining the store fronts of our

Buzz: Iʼm from Cleveland - many buildings abandoned. Driven out by unioins and what
they did to biz and mismanagement. You are involved in Tea Parties in MI. I feel
McCain is trying to sell out groups like that. He thinks itʼs over. What do you think?

JD: I agree with you. He is too deeply involved with the ruling class of this country.
Needs to step down, go home. Tea Party is maturing. It is educating itself and growing.
It is a force of goodness, kindness and God fearing love for this country. We are not
radicals. We are not going to burn down buildings. Weʼre not going to do any of the
that we are seeing on TV and across and around the world. Quite frankly, but we are
quietly going to restore this country to its constitutional basis. Thatʼs my take.


  1. I am truly saddened by the voter turnout in this past election and with all of this bad publicity towards Daniels, I still do not trust that the majority of voters understand what has happened. It is very discomforting to talk to my neighbors and find out how many do not even understand how government works at the local level. The Tea Party may very well get stronger in this country because of their ability to mislead the public. I can see how they appeal to the "old fogey's" in their use of rhetoric: "God fearing love for this country". It will require the younger constituents to keep this group in its place, so perhaps we need to attract and involve younger people into politics.

  2. Oh my. Her biggest goal has nothing to do with the advancement of Troy. She has visions of grandeur..."if I can influence other cities, counties, states..." What about TROY? Mayoral politics is LOCAL.
    The spin that these folks put on things is really quite scary. Her disparaging remarks about Robin Beltramini are ridiculous and smack of someone that wasn't happy in high school and trying to make up for it. The radio host is practically drooling in this interview. YUCK to all of it. Shame on JD.

  3. Thank you for your continuing efforts to keep the public posted on the political motives and true beliefs of Mayor Daniels.
    The Republic vs. Democracy debate is a popular discussion topic. The generally accepted fact is that we are constitutional republic. The powers and limitations of government are enumerated and changes to the constitution must be voted on by our duly ELECTED representatives. Within our legislative bodies laws are enacted by vote, and majority rules. Certainly, there are strong elements of a democracy in these constitutionally established principles. Ballot questions, which are common in municipalities, provide citizens a voice in their government. Pursuant to the Mayor's thinking these votes just represent the "whim" of the people. So, who best to make decisions? The elected officials? Is that the kings and queens she refers to?
    I'm a conservative, republican. I have deep held religious beliefs. In no way does the Mayor and her supporters represent me. The true "RINO'S" are Mayor
    Daniels and her political supporters. They are at best libertarians at worst elitists who think we are to easily swayed to make decisions for herself.

  4. Dangerous, dangerous individual.

    She is so wrapped up in labels, hatred and her extremist agenda that all common sense and looking out for Troy has no hope of existing in her confused mind.

    Robin Beltramini has an extensive CV of honorable civic and volunteer positions, not monetarily self-rewarding. For Janice Daniels to compare her mysterious job at a mortgage office (generally in my experience with that as a customer is they're happy to take their cut, and try to make you feel happy about it too) is ludicrous. Janice, by showing that, they were not picking on you, just showing the truth in your backgrounds.

  5. I haven't had much personal interaction with the mayor, but I can tell you from everything I've seen and heard from her, she appears to be a delusional narcissist with an almost pathological ability to lie to suit her purposes--then denying the lie or becoming the "victim" when challenged.

    This seems to be a common thread with a lot of libertarians that I've known, unfortunately--people who constantly shift arguments to fit their narratives, ignore reality and cling to a glorious (usually non-existent) past, cherry pick facts for support, while close-mindedly ignoring anything that doesn't jibe with their point of view.

    Is she crazy? Hard to say. But she is definitely dangerous to Troy, and frankly, to her own Tea Party cohorts, as the kind of negative exposure she generates leads to increased scrutiny, which inevitably leads to rational people recoiling. There's a reason why libertarians never get any traction in the marketplace of ideas.

  6. A perfect job for Ms. Daniels after she is recalled: radio talk show hostess! She'd fit right in with the extemist Mark Lavine and others spouting their political rabble-rousing babble. One would have hoped that she would have put that aside once in office (yes, the electorate gave a newcomer a chance) but she continues to operate as a "thorn" (her word) instead of governing. Janice, wake up, you're on the other side of the table now!

    Also, these strange words from her: "I have not followed school boards as I should or might in the future. I was busy raising a family and cleaning. We need to correct marxism and the effect of allowing 70ʼs radicals as professors". First of all, Janice keep your hands off the schools! Second, busy raising a family is a priority, but busy cleaning?, that's not the first thing that would pop in anyone's mind. Thirdly, "correcting Marxism in our schools" and "70's radicals as professors", next step will be boards of inquiry...smacks of 1950's era McCarthyism, a dark chapter in our country's history. This is a scary path that Ms. Daniels advocates.