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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Poll: 72% of Troy voters want Janice Daniels RECALLED!

Troy Voters Overwhelming Support Recall of Tea Party Mayor 

Lansing, Michigan--- If a recall election were held today in the city of Troy 
involving Mayor Janice Daniels, nearly three-quarters of voters would choose to 
oust her from office, according to a recent poll of voters in that city. The poll 
conducted by Lansing-based political consulting firm Main Street Strategies and 
commissioned by found 72% of voters surveyed support 
recalling Daniels from office.
“Mayor Daniels has given the voters of Troy the biggest case of buyer’s remorse 
I have ever seen,” said consultant Joe DiSano of Main Street Strategies. “Mayor 
Daniels’ Tea Party agenda has polarized the voters of Troy. Her repeated attacks 
on gays have badly damaged her public standing and voters clearly regret 
supporting her last fall. The results of this survey demonstrate a recall of Mayor 
Daniels will find deep public support and would overwhelming succeed.”
“Mayor Daniels has taken what is supposed to be a largely ceremonial position 
and instead turned it into a lightning rod for controversy … why wouldn’t anyone 
expect voters to object to that,” said Michigan Liberal owner and editor Eric 
Baerren. “She picked a fight with homosexuals on Facebook, and then she 
picked a fight with minorities with her opposition to the transit center, and finally 
she has picked a fight with her city’s professional public servants. She’s a 
running source of embarrassment for the city of Troy, metro Detroit and the state 
of Michigan as a whole.”
Seventy-six percent of those polled hold a disapproving view of Daniels, a 
contrast from her narrow victory last fall in what was widely considered an upset 
victory. Her time in office has been notable for several controversies included 
Facebook postings attacking gays, opposing the construction of a Transit Center 
and a running feud with the City Manager.

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  1. I will help collect signatures for a recall.

  2. She needs professional help.

  3. Okay, who are the other 24% still in favor and what drapes have they been smoking? Oh right, the head cases sitting home right now mentally writing their next council comments about being subjugated by elites in elementary school...

    1. Yes, the Troy Tea Party has been enlisting those head cases for their cause. But they better beware, a mad dog will just as easily turn on you as follow you....