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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My open letter to Janice Daniels

Mayor Daniels,

Your latest press release is outrageous.

You imply that a teenager lied about you and sullied your "good name."

But you know this is not true. Sure she apologized for getting the exact offensive words you said incorrect, but she didn't say you did nothing.

By your own admission, you said something stupid, insensitive and repugnant.

From the Free Press:

While discussing plans for a forum on bullying and suicide, Daniels told students she wanted to invite "a panel of psychologists who would testify that homosexuality is a mental disease," said Skye Curtis, 17, a senior and co-president of the Gay-Straight Alliance at the school.
Daniels denied making the comment.

"What I said was, there's a higher incidence of (overall) disease in the homosexual community," Daniels said. She said she taped the meeting and had reviewed her statements after the meeting. She declined to play the tape for the Free Press.

How is it you don't understand that what you admitted to saying was just as grotesque as what you denied saying?

And in that your offer was to bring in a panel of psychologists -- something you said at a council meeting as well, mentioning Perspectives of Troy by name -- what other diseases besides "mental" ones could you have possibly meant?

The only thing more astonishing than your insensitivity is your lack of knowledge about most things you talk about in public.

Leave that girl alone!

And if you insist on your "innocence," release the audio recording you made, which will prove exactly what you said. There are only two reasons that you could possibly refuse to release it: 1) it proves that you said terrible things to those students or 2) you erased it long ago, and have thereby broken the law.

You can't be proud to be the first mayor of Troy
  • to refuse to allow city staff to open your mail,
  • to record all meetings with staff and CITIZENS (in order to intimidate?),
  • to know virtually nothing about the city you were elected to lead, and
  • to read a 20-minute anti-staff diatribe, out-of-order, during a council meeting.
What on earth is wrong with you!?

Stop your abuses of power!
Stop insulting the citizens you are meant to serve!
Stop abusing the city staff!
Stop putting yourself before the people!

And if you can't stop all that, then PLEASE stop being mayor.

Sharon MacDonell
Troy, MI

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