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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MLive: Troy City Manager John Szerlag refutes Mayor Janice Daniels' transit center 'position paper'

I have to love Jeff Wattrick. I'm so busy trying to keep up with Janice Daniels' scandals -- I believe we are already on #6 -- that I'm getting behind.
But low and behold, he has done the analysis I had hoped to do today, comparing Janice Daniels' manifesto against Troy, to City Manager John Szerlag's response to it.
He certainly draws the same conclusion 95% of us who know about her have....
If you wanted to sum up Troy Mayor Janice Daniels few months in office, you would probably need to use the phrase “out of her depth.”

If anyone had any lingering doubts about this fact, a letter from Troy City Manager John Szerlag to the most honorable mayor settles the matter.

Responding to Daniels' rambling 20-page statement—including a passage explaining that she has a First Amendment right to compose such a statement—about the Troy Transit Center plan, Szerlag refuted Daniels point-by-point in a manner that suggests Daniels has no idea how things actually work in the city she governs.

Szerlag letter: In paragraph two of your paper you indicate that Troy City Management has been politically one sided in support of the transit project. This statement is false. As City Manager, I do not work for you. As point in fact, I do not work for any individual council member. I work for a governing body; and the only time a governing body can speak is through its resolutions at a City Council meeting. City Management then carries out policy directives in accordance with council resolutions and ordinances, something we have done for the past ten years with regard to the transit center. And if any individual Council member disagrees with what the majority of City Council desires, it must be taken up with them at a Council meeting, and not with me.

He goes on to debunk some of Daniels’ most baseless assertions with a patience of kindergarten teacher trying to explain something complicated to an over-stimulated five-year-old.
Oh do read more here...


  1. It's "lo and behold", not "low and behold". No need to post this comment. :)

  2. Wattrick states:

    It probably wasn’t Szerlag’s intent to embarrass Mayor Daniels with this letter, but it’s basically impossible for an intelligent professional to soberly refute these assertions without making the accuser look like a dim-wit.

    Which may or may not be the true point of the letter. I thought the meaning of Szerlag's opening was clear:

    Your above reference position paper, which contains many more topics than the transit center, is filled with inaccuracies and has damaged my reputation. As such, I am compelled to respond.

    Can the Mayor read the tea leaves here?

    At some point an impartial arbiter of fact may be looking at whether Janet's statements and actions are fact based or fantasy based.

  3. Has anyone seriously considered a recall effort? I would be happy to get signatures.

  4. Kate, watch this space! So many people are asking publicly and privately, there is little doubt someone will run a recall campaign. But it can't start till six months after she started.

  5. But planning should start now. We need to get people trained about how to gather signatures correctly and identify high traffic locations that will permit collectors. Door to door is too slow, although can be a back up method if one wants to collect from their friends and neighbors. I am hoping someone or some entity makes itself known and reaches out soon.

  6. 8:51 THAT'S RIGHT.

    Another important part is to be sure that at every meeting and appearance there are multiple witnesses and people recording both audio and visual. She has six months to make herself known by her statements and actions. There must be an accurate record to demonstrate what she has done and said.

    It is not a laughing matter that these people see homos and chicoms behind every plot that they imagine is working to wreck their wingnut utopia. When the supporters of the Mayor act as her own security apparatus they are too much invested in her to be rational.

    The following incident would have been a he said she said except that there were multiple witnesses and cameras recording events. Some say this one incident derailed his US Senate run. Be prepared. Be respectful. Get organized.

    1. That might make her paranoid.
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