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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mayor Daniels - Release the recording!

Janice Daniels will stop at nothing, not even lying about statements by 17-year-old girls, to try to protect her sorry self.
Members of the community of Troy have filed a Freedom of Information Act asking for the release of the recording Daniels made at this meeting with high school students that proves exactly what she said to them. She has so far refused to do so.
According to DANIELS, she said, "What I said was, there's a higher incidence of (overall) disease in the homosexual community."
How dare she now pretend that she said nothing offensive!?
She is a selfish liar and it is time for her to release the recording, or better yet, leave the people of Troy alone and STEP DOWN!


  1. If Mayor Daniels will not step down, the citizens of Troy will help her down, show her the door and slam it shut behind her.

  2. If you are inviting a panel of psychologists to speak, what type of illness do you think they would be talking about? Heart surgery?