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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The many scandals of Janice Daniels

from John in Comments

Janice will never be part of the solution because she believes everyone else is the problem. Scandals so far: 
1) Referring to the City Charter as a "whimsical" document. 
2) Slandering marriage equality on Facebook and then being forced to apologize. 
3) Attempting to derail the transit center project by allowing an "expert" extra time to speak at council even after the "expert" was caught making racist comments on Facebook. 4) Publicly attacking the city manager in a 20 minute screed, which violated city council's rules. 
5) Further attacking gay people by declaring the homosexual lifestyle "dangerous." 
Any bets on what she'll do next? Maybe burn the community center down?

And a note from me--
If you listen to Janice Daniels, she will try to convince you that she has done nothing wrong and that all of this wickedness is political fiction made up by her political enemies. 
But her enemies had nothing to do with her:
1) refusing to take a proper oath of office,
2) calling the Troy Charter a whimsical document,
3) bringing a parade of bigots before council to stand up for her ideologies,
4) her unfounded, inaccurate attack on city staff and the city manager in particular
5) her naivete in thinking she "owns" mail sent to the Mayor of Troy and that it is her "personal" mail,
6) her embarrassing behavior with kids in our schools (do we want her near our schools?), in which she sees nothing wrong with telling vulnerable kids that their"lifestyle is dangerous" and requesting the names of children who said her behavior has made them feel suicidal,
7) her embarrassing behavior with the media,
8) her glaring errors running city council meetings (she went to every meeting for two years! you'd think she'd have learned SOMETHING!).

So next time you hear Queen Janice strike up the violins about her victimhood, remember that 99% of her wounds are self-inflicted.

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  1. Did Janice Daniels ever fulfill the city charter requirement that she send a term limits proclamation to Congress in January?