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Monday, January 9, 2012

Janice Daniels' position paper?

Daniels' reads her big shot "position paper" at the Jan 9 city council meeting.
She concludes:
She hates Washington.
She hates the debt load.
She wants other cities to follow Troy.
Should be mindful giving least fortunate public transportation.
Governors in Florida, Wisconsin has
Rick Snyder is bad.
Makes fun of Rosa Parks Transit Center.
Snyder is a bonehead.
She says Szerlag lies.
Mentions "union" janitor.
Grand Sakwa wants his land back
City opens her mail.
Hates city manager.
She says that no one can speak after her.
But the queen doesn't get her way!
She wasn't supposed to speak so long. But now she is blaming them. What an ass!


  1. City council meetings are getting more pathetic. It is evident that the rules apply only when she wants them to. She has no respect for anyone on the council who opposes her views. The behavior she displayed this evening was just pathetic.

  2. Meetings are starting to remind me of the Pryor days.

    Best thing council did was let her keep talking! She is self destructing. Next time she tries that, everyone in the room should get up and leave.

  3. Dear God in heaven, please let there be a recall petition filed against this poor excuse for a mayor.

  4. Anonymous… I think we should gong her whenever she goes over her 5 minutes.

  5. Only good thing was it was so late in the meeting that her posse had left so didn't have to listen to their nauseating applause.

    Oh, another good thing, she really laid it all out there, her extreme partisanship and how it affected her decision making and how it will continue to do so. She's not hiding it, or soft-pedalling it. I also made note of her icy glare at McGinness and her trying to shut down Campbell's reply. Much of the measure of a person can be taken in their demeanor; hers was strident, self-satisfied and exultant as aha, she got to release her apparently pent-up rebuttals. This I find as disturbing as her words. What's telling is Henderson said nothing, Tietz stammered as he read the next mundane resolution (though he recovered with an uncalled for snarky jibe at Slater), I believe they are getting nervous at their compatroit's behavior.

  6. She read that "position paper" as if she was Moses coming down from the mountain, announcing the 10 Commandments.

  7. She's a ticking time bomb, the best is yet to come I'm sure...this is only the start...