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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letters to Detroit Free Press on Janice

Kudos on your apt and accurate description of Troy Mayor Janice Daniels in your Jan. 11 editorial ("Troy Mayor Daniels again makes her prejudice clear"). However, before coming down too hard on Troy voters, this is an opportunity to point out a weakness in nonpartisan elections.

When running as a nonpartisan candidate, it's much easier to lay down an obfuscating smoke screen about your true political opinions than when you establish a basis for your viewpoints as revealed by party affiliation.

For those voters previously not directly affected by her radical opinions and positions, it was difficult to see her coming. Hopefully, we've all learned something from her election to office and now realize that much more research will be needed with future candidates.

Unfortunately, she is now in a position to do a great deal more damage to this city than her position actually warrants, and two years provides a lot of opportunity. Perhaps voters will get another chance to more accurately express themselves in a recall. Let's hope so!

Keith Clark, Troy
A city now divided

I have yet to find one positive thing Troy Mayor Janice Daniels has done for the City of Troy. Her bigotry, hate words and isolationism have divided and tarnished the once glowing "City of Tomorrow."

While 72% of the registered voters failed to vote on Nov. 8, today the silent majority suffer the consequences of Mayor Daniels' ignorance and the drama created with the help of the angry old men who form her advisory team of bullies. Together, they fooled the voters by hiding under a tea party umbrella, when, in fact, they represent a dangerous belief system that is not to be tolerated.

Libraries, transit centers, Facebook and Twitter are the future. The age demographics of 18- to 50-year-olds who value the opportunities created by these services must become informed and vote. The toxic behavior of those who currently consume the podium with their misinformation and backward movement will be shut off.

Why is Mayor Daniels so public about her homophobia anyway? She should show up, shut up and do the work she was elected to do, or she should resign the position she has been entrusted with.

Toby Gosselin

Bigotry, intolerance

The people of Troy should be demanding the removal of Janice Daniels as mayor. It is obvious her definition of "traditional values" translates to bigotry and intolerance. If she is the face of the tea party, they should be ashamed. Let's pray her policies never become a model for anything other than a bad example.

Sharon Mikolas

Lake Orion

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  1. I liked Toby's phrase, "the angry old men who form her advisory team of bullies." If you ever want to see these folks in action, just tune into any city council meeting for public comment. Last night's special meeting was an apt example.