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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Janice's Meeting with the Gay/Straight Student Alliance

Due to popular demand, this is the complete recording of Janice Daniels' meeting with member of Troy High's Gay/Straight Student Alliance.


  1. To those who will cry foul for the public being allowed to hear this...

    To those who will cry foul because this won't just go away...

    To those who will cry foul at this blog for having the courage to continue to inform the electorate...

    To those who will cry foul at anyone besides the mayor...


    THIS WILL ALL GO AWAY when Mayor Daniels makes it go away. She has had opportunity after opportunity to make this go away appropriately. She refuses to accept responsibility for her actions, she continues to find others to blame, and she defiantly continues making outrageous statements and claims that inflame others.

    Mayor Daniels can make this go away. If she won't, the electorate can make her go away.

  2. Thanks for posting the entire recording, now it can't be claimed that the mayor was taken out of context. I've only made it through the first 14 minutes but already what has struck me is the extraordinary articulateness of Amy Weber and her reaching out to Mayor Daniels, not presuming to ask her to change her beliefs.

    All Mayor Daniels had to do after her Facebook comment came to light was a simple Sorry, not accompanied by her beliefs about marriage (not relevant), or how the q word is used all the time (excuse) or later, how she feels that she is the one being bullied (this just comes across badly), or her substitute PR-based agenda on anti-suicide, in which her message basically seems to be to the victims of bullying, toughen up, since we as a society will allow bullying and persecution of minorities.

    I don't know what bothers me more her beliefs, or her seemingly innate stupidity at handling situations. This meeting would not have taken place if she had just made a sincere and simple apology in the beginning. Miss Manners would say even if you didn't intend to offend you apologize if offence was taken, and don't adorn the apology with excuses.

    It would make me sick to see anyone participate or cooperate in her anti-suicide agenda/program, hope that tanks, coming from her it is as insincere a ploy as her 7-day library campaign to get elected. It would be better anti-suicide prevention for the electorate to kick her butt out of office ASAP, it would show that the majority of Troy are respectful of people's differences and no, we don't want to be represented by a ninny.

  3. As someone who lost someone close to my through suicide, I am very upset that she is trying to use this cause as a cover for her poor leadership. She is shameless. It's also interesting that ther suicide program doesnt' stem from compassion but from her Right to Life support. I thought she couldn't be any worse of a person, but there it is on tape.

  4. Fingernails on the chalkboard...Janice is hard to listen to. Bull in a china shop with confrontation as a singular approach to every situation. I would not advise anyone to attend the train wreck of an event that she proposed in this conversation.