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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Janice Daniels lying in 2010

Spent this vacation getting up to speed with video editing software.
I'm having a great time with video editing work I brought home from my job and the huge task of keeping up with Janice Daniels and all of her ridiculousness.
In this video, the Divine Ms. D claims repeatedly that the Troy City Council had budgeted $9.4 million of the city's money for the doomed (thanks to Janice and her cronies) Troy Transit Center. Of course, we knew then that this wasn't true, yet they said it over and over. Dave Henderson claimed as late as this summer that if we would only cancel the transit center we could have three years of the library. Know-nothing Dave believed as late as July that the transit center was to be paid for by city funds. Idiocy!
So in this clip, one week Janice says the transit center will cost the city $9.4 million, the next week she pretends she never said it. No sweat, no embarrassment, no shame -- she just lies with a glimmer in her hardened eye.
What a creep.
In the video, she also waves one of Troy Citizen United's (TCU's) 4-page fliers and claims it to be filled with facts. Read here to see just one of the few things I wrote about the many untruths in that flier.


  1. I have to question her sanity. She is a complete flake. In an op-ed piece she labeled herself as a domestic terrorist. I would have to agree because she has done nothing but try to destroy our way of life in Troy as a private citizen and as Mayor.

  2. Scary that this person with no scruples, no shame, and a liar is mayor. I was disappointed when she won the election (and yes, I did vote), but hoped for the best; now I am alarmed and appalled. Where's the recall wagon?