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Monday, January 30, 2012

Janice Daniels heroically flawed "Position Paper" in which she takes the side of Grand Sakwa AGAINST the people and city of Troy and bashes city staff for doing their jobs properly.
Let's understand something that Ms. Daniels doesn't seem to know. Grand Sakwa was trying to leverage Ms. Daniels' ideology to their own wants.
Grand Sakwa gave Troy that 2 acres as a quid pro quo on a zoning agreement they made with the city 12 years ago. Of course Grand Sakwa would have done anything to convince citizens and naive mayor alike that the plans were no good. Why? Because if we failed to build the transit center, Grand Sakwa would have gotten their land back.
Ms. Daniels took the side of Grand Sakwa AGAINST Troy and its citizens.

Big thanks to the person who put it online here
January 9 2012 - Mayor Daniels' Position Paper

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  1. Lest we not forget, if you read the filings from Grand Sakwa that were part of the Council packet, one of their objections to the transit center was that it "would bring outsiders to our community"