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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Janice Daniels' cronies in Channel 7 footage

So I'm curious. One of the joys of seeing Janice Daniels run around the conference room away from the Channel 7 reporter, yesterday is that we were able to see two of the "citizens" there to "protect" her.

One was the lovely Glenn Clark, a nasty piece of work mentioned in an article here about his penchant for going after gay people or making false claims. A quote from the Oakland Press article:
Drolet issued one parting shot, blaming the incident on McCarthy-like tactics by Meltzer’s campaign manager, Glenn Clark, a longtime figure in Macomb and Oakland counties’ GOP politics. 
“Meltzer’s campaign consultant, Glenn Clark, has a long history of specializing in reckless, gay-oriented smears (and) ... his obsession with persecuting gay people has come to define him.”
My what nice company she keeps.

And then there was the man who barred the door to protect poor Janice Daniels from a reporter who was daring to ask our Queen Mayor a question. (note to Janice - if you want to be transparent, running from reporters isn't a good start) His name? Bob Gosselin. Search for his name on this blog to see some of his greatest illegal hits.

We have long known that Gosselin is one of the big political movers and shakers here in Troy. First time I heard of him it was explained that he was the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain who tells all the extremist politicians in town what to do.

He also has a long history in our state, county and city of mixing religion with politics and trying to blend his extreme religious views with public policy. He threw fundraising parties for Janice at his house and what's this? He was present at her Mayoral Office Hours?

So this means if, as a citizen, I want to go talk to my mayor, I will have to wade through this wall of political hacks to get an answer? Plus she would demand to know my address and record my conversation, but if she says horrible things TO ME she will not release the recording to the people?

What the hell is happening to poor Troy?

One thing, the homophobic politicians are in charge. 

And our mayor is an INCOMPETENT lunatic. All she had to do for that interview was say, "I didn't say that," and smile. How could any of these political geniuses have thought running around like the Three Stooges would make them look good?

I'm beginning to have hope that she can be dismissed due to mental illness, because it's looking like that's what we're dealing with here.


  1. Thank you, Sharon, and please keep up the good work! The non-extremist citizens of Troy need to know what's going on.

  2. Yes, thank you for the time and devotion you have put in to making accessible the truth behind the dirty politics that exists. I had no idea how low it could go at this level. It is an eye opener.

    The barrage of media coverage on the city of Troy also continues. January 11th Detroit Free Press editorial page states that Daniels does have the right to her opinion, the First Amendment does protect bigoted speech. But hopefully residents will exercise their right to vote and be more informed in the future. It is the diligent work of people like you that will make this possible.

  3. Thank you! I keep thinking I've gotta get a better hobby :-D

  4. And Sue works her butt off here too!