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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Janice Daniels acting calm and assured before the local media (not)

Channel 7 tried to find out what our "transparency" mayor had to say about her 4th scandal in two months, which she refuses to discuss.
And what did they find?
The mayor hiding behind one man.
Then another man, infamous former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party's 9th District, Glenn Clark, yelling at the media and claiming to be a mere "citizen" (he is now head of the bigoted "Faith and Freedom Coalition" of Michigan with his buddy Daivd Wicz).
And who is that barring the door to keep the media from asking questions of our elected official?
Why it's Oakland County Commissioner Bob Gosselin.
It's like a Keep Troy Strong Rogue's Gallery!!!!!!!

For future reference -- hiding from cameras and acting like you are guilty doesn't do much for your reputation. It adds a little stink of guilt.
And what did she say as she ran back into the room, this mayor who claimed she would bring dignity and transparency to the office? This public figure, this elected servant of the people said to the media, "Why can I be bullied?"
The answer is, Ms. Daniels, you are bullied because as a mayor, you are a disastrous train wreck and you constantly say disgusting and offensive things to people.
But when the media asks you questions, unless you are a hatchet murderer, you sit down, grow up and answer the questions calmly, as if you were a mature, dignified mayor worthy of a city of Troy's caliber -- as Mayor Schilling was and as Mayor Beltramini would have been.


  1. And wasn't that Deb Debacker sitting outside the room, in the red coat? Another rogue for the KTS gallery!

    Looks like all of her handlers came out out tonight.

  2. What is disgusting is seeing Clark and Gosselin (County Commissioner) being her "protectors." While I am not surprised, I hope everyone sees the big picture. They are pulling her strings. Remember this the next time they are running for office. This has to be stopped. It is a travesty of the City of Troy.

  3. If her actions aren't speaking louder than any of her words in that clip... She wants to bring transparency to the government and its officials, and when the media comes to ask her for her side, she literally runs and hides. It's reported that she has a recording of the session with the students, and yet has refused to release it to clear her name. If she didn't make the comments that they are claiming she did, why not just release the tape, and prove the students to be liars??? And why does she try to hide from the camera? I haven't gotten the impression that she holds back on her opinion, and from the last scandal, it's pretty clear what her opinion is. (She only apologized for using the word, not meaning it) So when given the chance to tell Troy and SE MI that these are lies and she is being mischaracterized, she sneaks out the back door. How else should we interpret that, other than an admission of guilt? What a piece of work she is...

  4. This video reminds me of the way Kwame K used to hide from the media.

  5. I take issue with her using the term "bullied" for herself. She's been a savvy user of the media herself in the past through her op-ed pieces for the Oakland Press and her campaign. All they're asking her to do is make a statement.

    That guy in the red jacket with her was one of the public commenters at the last council meeting. He said everyone on his street was behind her, except one house and everyone knew who they were...sounded kind of menacing and creepy, wonder if they feel bullied?

  6. The only "bullies" in this clip are Clark and Gosselin. Is this their side job?

    So much for the "transparency" she campaigned for.

  7. Does the following sound familiar?

    "I can remember commenting on one of her articles and calling her out for her unethical speech. Like many people who engage in bullying behavior and personal attacks, she would try to turn the tables and play the victim, and took criticism of the content of her opinions personally, complaining that people were picking on her."

    It is a post from "ccbloger" on December 2, 2011, in reference to an editorial that Janice had in the Oakland Press. This was way before she was elected Mayor.

    I guess some habits never die.