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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's time for Janice Daniels to step down!

Janice Daniels cannot stop from doing stupid embarrassing things and yes, I'm talking about something NEW!
Early this month, a high school student said Daniels said that homosexuality is "mental disease." Soon after the student took that back. Ironically, when Daniels explained to the Free Press what she had ACTUALLY said, it was just as bad.
From the Detroit Free Press:
While discussing plans for a forum on bullying and suicide, Daniels told students she wanted to invite "a panel of psychologists who would testify that homosexuality is a mental disease," said Skye Curtis, 17, a senior and co-president of the Gay-Straight Alliance at the school.
Daniels denied making the comment.

"What I said was, there's a higher incidence of (overall) disease in the homosexual community," Daniels said. She said she taped the meeting and had reviewed her statements after the meeting. She declined to play the tape for the Free Press.
That did not get Daniels off the hook! What she ADMITTED to saying was just as ignorant and repugnant.
So now what has she done? She is throwing the girl under the bus.
Today, apparently, Daniels has sent out a new press release:
"A meeting was held to develop the preliminary outline for an outreach seminar to discuss the unthinkable act of committing suicide as an option to solve any of life's many challenges and problems.

This meeting ended on good terms with hand shaking and compliments paid; however, one of the high school students chose to go on to Facebook and post a false and highly inflammatory statement that she claimed I made. She has subsequently removed the inaccurate statement from Facebook and has issued a written heartfelt apology. I truly accept her apology even though in the meanwhile the damage had been done.

Now that this inaccuracy has been corrected I would encourage all citizens of Troy to participate in our legislative process so that we can move our beautiful city forward in a fiscally responsible, productive and conciliatory manner.

Mayor Janice L. Daniels"
This message attempts to tell the reader that the student made it all up, in spte of what Daniels admitted to the Free Press as above.

A student leader who was at the meeting and is a friend of the girl responded this way tonight:
Unfortunately for the city, once again, the mayor is making false statements. First of all, the meeting was not held "to develop the preliminary outline." What actually happened was, at the previous meeting we had with her, we decided to hold an anti-bullying event. She told us she would email us with dates and more details. She didn't. At least three people emailed her and she was also called, but she did not respond. For this reason, Amy Weber, who I had asked to speak at the event, went to the mayor's office hours without the mayor's knowledge to figure out what was going on. Mrs. Weber told me she was going, so Skye and I went too, but arrived late because school had just gotten out.

The next fabrication is when she states that the event was meant to be "an outreach seminar to discuss the unthinkable act of committing suicide..." Although suicide would be talked about, the main point of the event was to raise awareness of bullying in Troy. The mayor agreed to speak about her initial Facebook post on the condition that she would also give her side of the story. There was never any doubt that she was going to speak about the post at the event.

"The meeting ended on good terms..." Maybe they were good terms for her, but by the end of the meeting, we made it clear that we were no longer working with her on the event as the terms had changed.

Now, the apology that the mayor is referring to was in a message written by Skye sent to the mayor's city email address. The email was very personal and contained many private details that were only included to help the mayor understand where Skye was coming from. In response, the mayor said her apology was accepted, but then sent another email to her requesting that she read her very personal email out loud at a city council meeting. With this request, the mayor asked Skye to do something very degrading that would have brought incredible emotional turmoil to an already overwhelmed 17 year old girl. As a fellow student, I see the mayor's action as an abuse of power, if not just another clear example of her being out of touch with the mood of the city.

I must also add that, yes, Skye made a mistake when she said the mayor said homosexuality was a mental illness. However, the mayor did say "the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous." She later explained that there is a higher rate of diseases in the homosexual community. This claim is just as scientifically unfounded and degrading.

Again, I call on the mayor to release the recording. The public deserves to know what she has said and done on the taxpayer's dime.


  1. Please, Mayor Daniels, keep digging your own grave with your ignorant and insulting remarks. Your reign of horror will not last long.

  2. Concerned Citizen and ParentJanuary 25, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    For anyone that knows Skye, she is s young woman with heart and old fashioned soul. She is part of anything and everything at THS and the kind of student and child every Troy parent would be proud of. So, even if Skye got the word wrong, she is astute enough to get the meaning. She was eloquent under pressure at the city council podium for a young person. She is graceful enough to apologize even when she knows in her heart what the mayor did and said had not changed her bigoted opinion.
    So Daniels must stop hiding behind young people to reframe her own awful choices of words and actions in this matter. Release the tape, story over...?

  3. I dont predict anyone will be voluntarily stepping down any time soon. So, someone(s) will have to pursue a recall effort when the time is right (I think after 6 months?).

    By the way. I did not vote for Janice Daniels, I voted for Robin Beltramini.

  4. I just recieved a phone poll from phone # 888-924-2340. ?#1 Did you vote in the last election? Yes. ?#2 Do you approve of JD's actions? No. ?#3 Would you support a recall? Yes. I was disconnected as soon as I answered yes to the last ?. I am very interested to find out who is doing this polling.