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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is Queen Janice the anti-big-government mayor?

Janice Daniels ran for office on a platform of
  1. Anti-big government
  2. Pro-business
  3. Pro-personal liberty
Let's see how she's doing on those fronts (snicker).

Is Queen Janice the anti-big government mayor?
She is truly acting like an arrogant, corrupt, entitled, career politician. 

  • SHE NEVER SAID AN OATH TO TROY'S CITY CHARTER. Queen Janice, in her first breath as mayor, refused to take an oath to the "constitution" of Troy, and explained later that it was because she refused to comply to the rules Troy has made for its elected representatives (she said there was one rule, for example, that she disagreed with and therefore would not follow). Thus she admitted in her first day in office that she had no intention of following the laws of the city she leads.
  • SHE THINKS SHE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN OTHERS ON COUNCIL. At the last council meeting she manically read her anti-transit center diatribe (probably written by Martin Howrylak, though she claimed she whipped it up over the weekend - ha!) for 20 minutes, when the limit on their comments is 5 minutes. The diatribe was filled with unfair and inaccurate accusations against city staff and other members of council. Then when a council member attempted to respond, she tried to shut him down -- Queen Janice believes she is entitled to speak the longest and last, apparently.
  • SHE INTENTIONALLY INTIMIDATES CITIZENS.  Doug Tietz and Janice Daniels have got a nice little policy going now -- a policy of intimidating the citizens of Troy. When people come to speak at city council meetings, which are aired on cable TV and available online forever, or even at her "office hours," they are instructed to give their home addresses and criticized by friends of Queen Janice in the audience when they refuse. Why would I want that audience of loonies to have my home address???  I believe this policy was started to try to embarrass the president of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, who does not live in Troy (so?), but doesn't it also work to INTIMIDATE TROY CITIZENS who want to criticize her -- which is their right as citizens? Isn't that an evil government trick? According to an adult witness at Queen Janice's recent "office hours," where she told kids who wish to help gay teens that a panel of psychologists could tell said gay teens that they are more highly diseased than the average population, CITIZENS were forced to say their names and addresses. FORCED! And Queen Janice had an audio recorder to record their addresses. Queen Janice is so concerned about her rights. What about OUR RIGHTS? Why do we have to feel intimidated by her? Also, when high school students tried to stand beside a speaker at the last meetings, which sometimes is allowed, she forced them to go back and sit down. Really?
  • SHE THINKS SHE IS ABOVE BEING QUESTIONED BY THE MEDIA. When the Channel 7 crew recorded themselves being thrown out of her office hours, we saw that Queen Janice is not willing to speak to the media, not willing to take responsibility. She actually HID behind someone else. 
  • SHE RELIES ON BIG POLITICAL HACKS TO MUSCLE CITIZENS AND MEDIA AT HER "PUBLIC FUNCTIONS," WHICH ALSO SERVES TO INTIMIDATE CITIZENS. But what is also notable about her office hours, which the old, Citizen Janice would have defined as "a tool of the people of this fair city who have a right to direct access to their public servants," have apparently become partisan gatherings. These meetings are supposed to be about THE CITIZENS OF TROY not about Janice Daniels' political cronies. Yet who did we see in the Channel 7 footage? Glenn Clark -- former chairman of the Republican Parties 9th District, Deb Debacker -- head of the Clawson Troy Republican Club and Bob Gosselin (whos was on camera calling the police!) -- former extreme-conservative, Republican member of the Michigan House and current Republican member of the Oakland County Commission. So what about all of these political hacks sitting there "protecting" Queen Daniels in a little dinky conference room says anything about representative republic servant to you? Deb DeBacker is still crowing about a Democratic adviser sitting in the AUDIENCE at a special event Town Hall meeting last year, even though their pal Bob Gosselin (who is much better connected and more powerful than the Dem in the audience) was ON THE STAGE SPEAKING BESIDE JANICE DANIELS! And now we see it all come full circle -- a meeting for citizens where Queen Janice is flanked by DeBacker, Gosselin and Clark. Holy crap! (By the way - talking about parties is beside the point. The battle in Troy is not between parties, it's between extremists and non-extremists).
  • SHE IGNORES THE DEMANDS OF THE CITIZENS OF TROY TO RELEASE HER RECORDING. Citizen Janice showed up on the scene in late 2009, when she started giving her wacky speeches at city council meetings and was, within weeks, appealing to the State of Michigan to punish Troy city council and having friends pay for Freedom of Information Act filings (FOIAs) to get information out of the city council. But now there are FOIAs to get information out of Queen Janice, and she says she will not comply. Imagine what Citizen Janice would have said about that! As I wrote, she records her office hours AS A WEAPON AGAINST THE CITIZENS OF TROY. But now that her recordings can be use to prove the nasty things she said to school children, she refuses to release her recordings. It's as if she is saying, "Silly people of Troy, my recordings are to be used against YOU, not against MOI."      
-more to come-


  1. It is quite apparent from Janice's comments that she does not believe in a democracy, thinks she has the final word on council, doesn't care to learn Robert's Rules of Order, and wants things run her way or hit the highway.

    The citizens of Troy need to keep tabs on this group. They are aiming to replace some very fine individuals on staff. We cannot let that happen.

    This is a democracy and this OUR city, not hers alone.

  2. The intimidation factor is truly disturbing. Many of the TCU public commenters at the council meetings appear to have a screw loose. No one should be forced to give their home address, who knows what Daniels and her crew will do with it. One of her supporters has already proudly proclaimed of keeping track in his neighborhood of who is for/against her. Such has been the intimidation tactics of evil extremists groups in the past in their grab for total control.

    1. DeBacker is another nut who thinks rights only apply to her and no one else. If the damage that these extremists are causing the City of Troy wasnt so serious, it would be laughable. Leadership, accountability, transparency are all things that Janice Daniels does not have and never will have.

      I challenge anyone, anywhere to name one positive thing Daniels has done since she became mayor. To date all she has done is offend, alienate, and turn a great city into a laughingstock. If she had an ounce of integrity (we all know she does not) she would resign.

  3. For all of her buddies that claim she isn't a career politician: Who got thousands of dollars in campaign financing from out of state? From people who have absolutely no interest in Troy's community?