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Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the New York Times! Again!

Unless you've been living a yurt in Death Valley, you know that Troy's decision about the Transit Center has been national news.

In today's New York Times, the Council's decision to move forward with the project and accept the federal funding was mentioned:
The City Council of Troy has voted to save a transit infrastructure project it voted down in December. Construction costs for the project have been scaled back to $6.3 million, from $8.5 million, to win the vote of a council member who had expressed concerns about the cost, though the federal government fully financed construction. The city will seek “a business model that will relieve the local taxpayer of ongoing operating costs” of $30,000 per year, said Michele Hodges, president of the Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Janice Daniels, a Republican who is active in Tea Party politics and led the opposition to the project, said that she had not changed her opinion, but that “it is in my best interest, and all of Troy’s best interest, to work toward making this a fiscally responsible venture.”
Note the statement from our Mayor. She lists the various interests in the Transit Center, and admits that her interests are different from Troy's.

So now we know how Janice makes her decisions. First, it has to be in her "best interest." How it affects this city is secondary.


  1. Sheesh! Without prompting, JD keeps showing us that she's the one that matters above all else. It reminds me (on a lesser scale, of course) of a sociopath who has to study how normal people act in order to pass as normal since normal impulses (empathy, regard for others) doesn't come naturally.

  2. I wonder if Janice has a scrap book to keep all of these treasures of hers in? I have a feeling she thinks these trinkets are treasures and not junk.